Chromatique – Chromatique — Sunlover Records This nostalgic synthpop journey inspired by 80’s music features romantic love songs and vintage synthesizers. A debut album by the Russian synthpop band Chromatique contains 11 colorful tracks influenced by the 80’s music and movies. The album was recorded with the idea of creating a contemporary sound using various vintage synthesizers and drum machines […]

Volcano Red Sunset by AM 1984 is out now! — Sunlover Records The Italian producer and composer “AM 1984” (real name Maurizio Avossa), celebrates his love with italo disco sounds and movie soundtracks from the 80s dropping his first studio album, “Volcano Red Sunset”. Released on Sunlover Records, the album showcases the distinctive sound of that era, with lush pads, warm melodies and lucid grooves. “Volcano […]