Vasto: alla Galleria Mattioli la mostra dell’associazione culturale “Le Arti” composta da ben 14 artisti di San Severo

Dal 26 Luglio al 2 Agosto a Vasto, nella Galleria Mattioli (la biblioteca comunale) in corso de Parma 4, si terrà una mostra di quadri di ben 13 artisti facenti parte di un associazione culturale di Sav Severo, chiamata “Le arti”.

I quadri esposti sono dei seguenti autori:

Vocale Antonella, Sernia Alessandro, Pietrosino Annalisa, Mezzela Rocco, Mazzamurro Grazia, Marangi Beatrice, Licursi Francesco, Iafelice Annarita, Fresco Beatrice, Fantetti Mirella, Caposiena Rosa Carolina, Bilancia Simone, Bilancia Donato, Berardini Maria Anna.


50th Anniversary of Moon Landing








Today, 20 July, marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing which marked not only a generation but all human history, writing untraceable history books. The theory of the lunar conspiracy, that is the theory of those that many claim that the landing was a farce, is no longer just a theory because those who do not believe in landing on the moon are very much.

Among the first reasons, is obviously, that since 72 there has been no mission on the moon but only in space. And with the technologies of objects it is hard to think that we cannot do further missions.

Moreover there are many inconsistencies in the shadows of the photos and in the dynamics of the videos And finally, the mission on the moon is a very difficult undertaking if we consider that outside the atmosphere there are strong radiations of the bands of Van Allen and on the lunar terrain there are very high temperatures that not even with the suits of the astronautics can you protect yourself from them.