MY SHOT 📷 Eclipse of Moon: 17 Luglio 2019

2019 © Gabriele Romano

This photo is a shot of eclipse of moon of tonight. [17 July 2019]

In the night between 16 and 17 July there was the partial eclipse of the moon which was seen quite well by Italy. An unrepeatable opportunity to celebrate the anniversary of the moon landing on 16 July 2019.


New Graphic Interface of Twitter Desktop


Twitter is distributing a new desktop client design that adds new customization options and an optimized browsing experience. The new interface has been made available to testers in recent months, however in the coming days it will be extended to all users. Compared to other changes in design there is a difference: the transition to the new one will be mandatory, and it will no longer be possible to select the old one.

The biggest and easiest to notice difference is in the upper navigation bar, which has been moved to the left column: here we find the links for the main screen of the service, for notifications, for the Explore section, for private messages, for favorites and more. The company wrote that the Explore tab was picked up by the mobile app to present the user with more live video and personalized local trends.

Private messages have also been revised, with conversations and sent messages that are merged in the same window. The desktop experience now introduces several themes and color settings, including two new options for dark mode.