The shadows of twin towers

I was only 15 when the tragedy of the collapse of the twin towers happened. An event that shook everyone. These were the years when the Internet was spreading, the years when PC technology evolved and mobile phones were just accessories to call. A few years after 2001, especially thanks to the advent of the Internet, many conspiracy theories will come out. A theme that America has accustomed us to, especially with the moon-landing.
Few ruins remain of the disaster, but many shadows …

3 thoughts on “The shadows of twin towers

  1. In my generation two dates that people can tell you exactly where they were, and what they were doing. November 22, 1963 the day John F Kennedy was Assissanted in Dallas Texas. September Eleventh two thousand and one When the World Trade Centers were destroyed by Alkida, an Alkida Attacked the Pentagone. I remember, every home & car truck flew the American Flag. Here it is eighteen years later & where did all the flag & the American Spirit go?

    • Time forgets everything … it is normal that the fervor of patriotism fades also due to the sobriety of the US colors.

      Despite the disappearance of the flags … security measures remained that were completely non-existent before 11 September

  2. True except the airports where it is tight security to get on a plane. It is like the old story about closing hole in the Barn & the fence, after the cow escapes. The security measures are very minimal in 80% of travel in the U.S.

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