The domination of the Chinese economy and its future.

The Chinese are scattered all over the world. The population of China is 1.3 billion inhabitants.
And the trend is one of continuous demographic growth, one of the problems that has characterized China for decades.Ā  It is shocking to think that China has more than 1/7 of the world population. Probably many people do not know it but the population of India is equal to that of China and even more population growth.

In the past, the law of the one child was applied in China to prevent the sharp increase in the population, but often this provision created abuses of human rights.
The one-child policy was abolished by the Chinese Supreme Court in 2013

But what differentiates China is the economic power that has been dominating the world for some decades now.

Curbing the expansion of China is difficult but it is necessary to take serious countermeasures to avoid that in the future there will not be a boundless power on the whole world. Trump understood this, and took drastic measures by inserting duties on Chinese products. But it also imposed duties on other Italian, French and other European nations products.

Among the most recent initiatives there is the introduction of 5G, where China seems to have already geared up for the spread of the new fast connection.

Made in china is famous all over the world for being the brand of eco-friendly products or technological products. Many things are produced in China because the cost of labor is very low.
According to data from, the cost of living in Shanghai is 5% lower than in Rome, 6% higher than in Madrid, 45% lower than in London, 41% lower that of New York, 26% lower than that of Los Angeles, 45% more expensive than that of Bangkok and 77% more expensive than that of Hanoi.

The cost of living in China depends on the city (for example, Beijing and Shanghai are much more expensive than second-tier cities such as Chengdu or Kunming, which in turn are much more expensive than smaller cities and the countryside) and lifestyle

The Chinese people are often seen as a hard-working people, at the extreme of slavery. In fact, in many cities neighborhoods are built with buildings that are organized to accommodate workers even at night. It is a sad reality. It is no coincidence that there is an urban legend according to which the Chinese are put in boxes when they die. I have never seen a dead Chinese or his funeral.

China’s GDP is the second highest on the planet, behind only the United States and ahead of Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. Despite the trade tensions with the United States, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) estimates forecast growth for 2020 as well as for this year.

Even the longer-term prospects indicate a progressive slowdown in growth, more in line with the expansion rates of a mature economy. For the Fund, in fact, growth should gradually slow down to 5.5% in 2024 as “the economy is moving towards a more sustainable growth path”.
However, headline inflation is expected to rise to 2.3% in 2019 due to rising food prices.

Although the Tokyo stock exchange is the best known, the importance of the Chinese stock exchange is not to be underestimated because any crisis could affect the world economy.

To date, there has never been a profound economic crisis like those that occurred in the United States, such as that of 2008, which affected the entire planet. Imagining the consequences of a possible crisis is difficult.

15 thoughts on “The domination of the Chinese economy and its future.

  1. This is important. I remember thinking over a decade or so ago that people are really sleeping on China. I knew it to be the case when I found out most of WalMart’s share holders are Chinese. The world needs to pay more attention. Thanks for writing this.

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