Corona virus psychosis

Illustration of Pawel Kucynski

The Corona Virus has reached 24,000 infections and although the china has isolated its cities, especially those from where the hotbed developed, concerns in the rest of the world continue. The Chinese are renowned for being and traveling all over the world and in fact most of the European countries have at least one case of infection.

In Italy at the moment there have been only two cases, of two Chinese tourists, whose conditions however seem to worsen. The Italian state has taken drastic measures and closed all air traffic to and from China.

Although the mortality of this virus is much lower than that of the sars of 2003, the contagion is much easier and this could represent a serious danger for poor states like those of Africa, where deaths already occur for other diseases such as ebola.

China has implemented measures like never before, giving up the industrial production of the largest factories in the world with the risk of economic consequences. But probably these measures were implemented too late, when it was understood that the infection of the virus was quite serious. In fact, in late December, a doctor from Wuhan reported the discovery of this virus to the authorities but it was not taken seriously. Only two weeks later the Wuhan market will be closed, from where the virus spread.

This virus has triggered a real psychosis, in addition to the fact that episodes of racism often occur. Undoubtedly, most of the people, in fear of contagion, avoid Chinese environments, especially restaurants and shops.

4 thoughts on “Corona virus psychosis

  1. I am concerned that Big Pharma controls any release of treatment information. The recent breakthrough in Seattle leads me to believe something I’ve suspected for a few weeks. There may be another treatment on the horizon!

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