Corona virus is spreading widely in Italy


Until a few days ago in Italy there were only three infected and all hoped to have stemmed the coronavirus epidemic. But yesterday 21 February there was the first news of an infected person in Lombardy, in the province of Lodi. In a few hours the news has increased and the confirmed cases of infected people has risen to 16. In one day the infected people went from 3 to 35, making Italy the country with the most infected people.

It is sad to note that after exactly one month that newspapers and TVs had given all the recommendations to avoid contagion, it was necessary to isolate entire countries.
In fact, although Italy has taken the most drastic measures, closing all air flights to and from China, there has been the worst “epidemic”.

I don’t know what the real causes of all this are, but surely the neglect of the seriousness of the problem is one of the main reasons. Even if you are a manager, you cannot dine with colleagues who have just returned from China.

5 thoughts on “Corona virus is spreading widely in Italy

  1. I recently left a post on facebook commenting on the corona virus epidemic and I can’t help but think its all a manipulation tactic from high gov’t officials created to distract and divert from other things that are happening currently. There have been theories that it was created by scientists in a university lab in the states. Given that China is a giant and has direct impact on the rest of the worlds economy, especially the US, its interesting how the virus has affected the Chinese stock markets and the fact that they’ve plummeted. Coincidence? I personally think not. This is why I refuse to believe anything they say anymore. Food for thought… If they did create it , does that mean that they also have the cure?

  2. Italy knows only two speeds: “it’s all okx” and “we are doomed!” with no shades between these polar extremes.
    I hope the emergency will end soon, not only because of danger for health or economic troubles: in the end, this situation is another weapon useful for hate cultists like a certain army cosplayer (former minister) who preach to the worst part of all us…

  3. Its sad – lives are lost – with all the reason being scared. But protection is the only remedy.
    Otherwise more people die every day from flu, accidents and other man-made factors!!
    While in Phuket, I see – in a short span of time while on the road at least one fatal accident – the reason – the driver was drunk. In this case – Alcohol is deadly . . but precaution and care need to be taken.

    Also welcome to see and enjoy my new blog:)
    Thank you.
    Happy Sunday

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