1st March:

We hope that this month is better than February and January which have brought many problems, mainly Coronavirus, which in Italy has now infected more than a thousand people, paralyzing the country and leading to great economic losses. March is called crazy. March 8 will be women’s day and March 19 Father’s day. The Formula 1 championship will begin on Sunday 15th and the spring equinox on the 20th. In addition, the 29th of March will change to summer time.

11 thoughts on “1st March:

  1. “paralyzing the country and leading to great economic losses.”
    Since when do Italians need virus outbreaks to do the things they up to now have always been capable of doing by themselves?

  2. Thank you for sharing your favorite days. I believe that each day of the year is special as there is someone who was born on that day. And on another day is the celebration of that Life. Let us remember that every day is part of the great gifts that are bestowed upon us. Great post.

  3. Yes, very interesting Gabriel. Dreaming must be put in its proper perspective or place in the scheme of things, and it can act as a release or a stimulus to action, but it should never preoccupy our lives which we must LIVE not dream them! Good that you brought this up!

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