The imbeciles on the coronavirus

the illustration of Pawel Kuczysnki

By now the infection is affecting the whole world, and almost everyone is starting to understand the seriousness of the problem.

In Italy, coronavirus news has been in national newspapers for almost a month, but people have been joking for too long, and only now some are starting to repent. The thing that bothers me is seeing people’s imbeciles. In Italy there are people who joke all the time.

This is one of the reasons why I go sporadically on social …In northern Italy there are herniated damages and the damage to the image worldwide will affect all companies .. there is little to laugh about but people never change, even in emergencies ..

The elderly, who are the most at risk, would be able to cough you in the face, living in the doubt of being positive …

11 thoughts on “The imbeciles on the coronavirus

  1. There’s and endless supply of imbeciles on this planet especially the politician type! They’re the ones who have caused most if not all of the mayhem we have in our faces 24/7! Yes Many Imbeciles! Then there are masses of humans as you said, who joke about anything that is important, and I say because they has tossed God into the refuse heap and piss on anything that points out their folly or madness because they’re all so rebellious now, and don’t have a moral conscience living as heathens! Hell is waiting for as many of them that will come! They don’t get it; this life is over in practically no time when stacked up against ETERNITY which is where they will be getting just what they deserve, with NO END!

  2. Infelizmente ainda tem pessoas fazendo piadas nas redes sociais com o Coronavirus, ocorre que o contágio é muito mais rápido do que as pessoas imaginam.

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