♬ A song suitable for the moment: {The War On Drugs} – In Chains


Never before has this song been suitable. Last night for the umpteenth time the government issued an extraordinary decree forcing people to stay at home to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, which in Italy is making thousands of infected people.
At home you can do many things but you often feel in chains ..



Call and listen
Calling out your name
Trying to imitate myself
Forget me in the middle
Shining every light upon it
Still I miss the way you’d hold me close
In a cold wind
Caught you in a room, staring at the light
I’ve been all night
Is it the life that we’re just living in?
Still I wanna celebrate love, I
I’ve been rolling on sixty, I can die on the floor
I’ve been shaken and delivered
There’a a girl out there with silence in her eyes
The truth is in the dark
Yeah, I’ve seen the moon comin’ in view
Yeah, I need you, I’m coming in, too
In view
Ain’t no wind that I can feel in the way, in the way
In the freezing rain
Turn your head my way and my heart and look and see
And I look away
Ain’t no wind that I feel, flyin’ with no way to lose
Ain’t no shame to hold you, to hold you here, for losing you
Hiding from an enemy
Something inside me that I ain’t
Hard to see clear these days
Darkness on my mind
As I stare into the ocean floor
And I wonder where I once was
Was I falling through the air tonight
And crumble into your arms?
Is this love?
Are you sure?
Is it something
You can control?
Out of time, yeah
I’m in chains
I’m in love
I’m in pain
All these changes everywhere
Just go ahead and take my hand
Pull me close don’t let me go
Try to understand
I believe in all the power
In doing what we can do
We can try to learn to make it through
Cover the other side
And I’m feeling it all coming in here
How do we decide what we can do?
I don’t read your mind, can we choose?

4 thoughts on “♬ A song suitable for the moment: {The War On Drugs} – In Chains

  1. That’s a beautiful song. We don’t have general quarantine yet here in the States…but I’m working from home a lot and I’m already going a little crazy. This thing won’t be easy…and it’s only getting started!

      • Yeah, over here Trump claimed to know that it disappears in the summer–as always, just saying stuff with no rational basis for his words. I hope he’s right this time, though!

      • This time the situation is very serious … it is hoped that Trump – like all heads of state, especially those of the largest countries – will present ideas and make right decisions!

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