Trump’s new spokesperson debuts: 32-year-old Kayleigh McEnany “I’ll never lie to you”


WASHINGTON – Yesterday was the day of Kayleigh McEnany’s debut on the podium of the White House in front of the reporters. “I will never lie to you. I give you my word.” Trump’s first spokesman, Sean Spicer, made his debut in 2017 by spreading false information about the crowd rushing to the inauguration of the new president. At thirty-two McEnany succeeds Stephanie Grisham, who with his ten months in the service of the president, has not even had time to acclimatise. She is the youngest to fill the prestigious role of head of communication in the White House. Originally from Tampa, Florida, a republican family, she graduated in law from Harvard, studied in Oxford, was a correspondent for CNN and is very social. It is on Instagram that his whole life flows. Perfect, like in a movie. An important graduation, rich, blonde and with a postcard family: a 29-year-old husband, handsome and athletic, baseball player on the Tampa Bay Rays team and a wonderful little girl of a few months.

10 thoughts on “Trump’s new spokesperson debuts: 32-year-old Kayleigh McEnany “I’ll never lie to you”

  1. And the check is in the mail right? Just being silly, but I wish her well. Actually I loved Sarah Sanders as the Head of White House Communications for being a fantastic one, but also as a human being I totally respect her and love her strong values along with her patriotism and faith in God! Kayleigh McEnany seems wonderful from the first impression stage, as I never knew of her in any way so nothing to base my perspective on yet! I have a hunch she is going to be very good and perhaps outstanding in her important role! God bless her and all of our government servants who abide in the Constitution and God.
    Thank you Gabe!

  2. “Kayleigh McEnany “I’ll never lie to you””

    If that’s true, her ass is as good as fired! She’s gone and soon to be forgotten.

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