The big brother of the future…

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

What differs us from animals? Many would answer the instinct. The answer is not wrong, however it is not entirely correct. I would say that another thing that differs us from animals is modesty. If we did not have modesty our actions would not be conditioned by any shame or feeling. Although even animals have a little of modesty, especially dogs, the difference with us is really substantial. The lack of modesty is what is shaping up with the new technologies, especially 5G, which will make our lives increasingly hyperconnected. Where does our public life end and where does the private one begin? The big brother is the parody of the future. The big brother is the parody of the future. Our every look is under everyone’s eyes or at least it could be through spying means like drone and cameras.
You imagine what would happen if computer experts or hackers mounted cameras in people’s homes: there would be no more privacy.
A few days ago the Italian television program Report made a well-documented investigation into all cases of espionage in the world: staggering levels.

“Spying would perhaps be tolerable if it could be exercised by honest people”




Hard times for Italy: the Ilva steelworks in Taranto closes.

A Glimpse of the ilva steelworks in Taranto (Italy)

In recent weeks, Arcelor Mittal, a multinational that acquired the former l’ilva in 2012, terminated the contract by sending 10,000 people home. The interruption of steel production, in addition to the unemployment of people, creates a 1.5% decrease in GDP: a disaster in terms of economy.

The reason for the termination of the contract, according to the statements of the multination, would be that there is no longer any interest in continuing production in the Taranto area. But many have said instead that in reality the reason would be that the company would not want to submit to the rules of the Italian government, which has not renewed the penal shield. Many do not know, that the state, to guarantee the company to work comfortably, has put up criminal shields, to protect any seizures of the judiciary for environmental irregularities.

In fact, due to the steel plant, the Tatanto area has for decades been one of the most polluted areas in Europe and perhaps in the world. Many people in the area surrounding the plant have died of cancer. Almost nothing has been done over the years to avoid this tragedy, and the very high mortality of cancer has scientifically shown how fine particles are 100% the cause of cancer.

For decades it had to go down to the compromise between health and work, an absurd thing. How can the health of citizens be traded for work, which should really be a means of sustenance?

1 November – All Saints Day: history of name-day


On November 1st, as always, we celebrate the feast of all saints. This day, introduced by Pope Gregory IV, also allows us to celebrate the name day to those who have an adespota name, that is, they have a name that does not appear on the calendar with any Saint.

The name day, as well as the birthday, is celebrated in most countries. But today this tradition has been lost a bit and so often only the birthday is celebrated.

The custom of celebrating the name day derives from the fact that in ancient times, especially in the Middle Ages, when there was still no registry office, people only remembered the dates of the saints with whom they celebrated people.

Today the name day is celebrated mainly in the south and in Latin countries. In northern Italy and in other countries this custom has been lost.

1° November – The Birthday Juventus Club


Today, November 1st, is the birthday of Juventus. The most successful Italian team in Italy, and one of the best known in the world, is 122 years old.

With the purchase of Cristiano Ronaldo, the reputation of the Club has probably increased. The primary objective remains the victory of the Champions League, which has been lost numerous times in the final …
The coincidence is that on November 1st Umberto Agnelli was born, a well-known sports director of the Agnelli Family.

Tomorrow there will also be a derby with Torino. Instead, Wednesday the first match will be played for the return of the Champions League group.

This year with coach Sarri you still can’t see a good game. Despite Juve being first in the standings, some victories came with difficulty. Furthermore, the draw with Atletico Madrid has again revealed doubts about the defense … It is hoped that the team has planned an athletic preparation to make the best in the second half of the season and that is after the beginning of 2020.

The Italian Russiagate


The leader of the Lega, Matteo Salvini, with the Russian President Putin.


Almost all Americans know the Russigate case or at least have heard of it.

The terminology used to indicate the names of the scandals derives precisely from the famous scandal that occurred in 1972 with an American president: Nixon. In 1972 the watergate scandal broke out. Since then the word gate has been used …

Many people do not know that there is another russiagate: the Italian one.
Although there are still no judicial implications on the case, it is a very important issue because it could affect all European politics.

The coincidence of having two Russiagates overshadows the two events leading the citizen to think that it is an external question.

Moreover, in recent weeks the Italian russigate is taking on more and more relevance because Salvini (leader of the Lega party and former deputy premier) is directly involved and seems to avoid as much as possible questions on the subject.

On October 22nd the RAI3 television channel broadcast an episode with all the details and secrets of the story arousing the criticism (for better or for worse) of many. In fact many politicians are asking Salvini to clarify the matter.

According to many, the Lega would have asked the Russians to finance the electoral campaign for European elections with a good 65 million euros.

Best way to Study


When the character is not yet modeled, studying is never easy! During the high school years it remains difficult to study for anyone, although some have more inclination.

With my years of experience, including university, I can give you some advice!

In high schools almost always the desire to study is lower than that of university years, both because one is a child and because one is forced to study.

The distractions of the study or the factors that can influence our listlessness can be divided into three categories: moral ones (which I will skip here as they are the most difficult to treat), mental ones and physical ones.

The moral factors are due to the sum of capacities, motivations and distractions.

Capabilities are generally refined over time so that you cannot hope to learn the concepts quickly but you have to work on motivations and avoid distractions. Distractions are a very important factor because some help others make our condition worse. Music, for example, often helps us because it helps us to study, if it is not a mnemonic study, in which it is necessary to speak and repeat aloud.
Other distractions like videogames instead are a total perdition because we start with the intent to stay only a few hours in front of the display and then we always postpone the study time. The television instead deceives us that it is always our friend deluding us that it can allow us to study with it when in reality it is not so.The external distractions instead like going out or practicing hobbies must be managed with extreme precision because often they bring us tiredness and they don’t allow us anymore to study as we would like. Needless to say, in fact, that with fatigue it is difficult to study even with the greatest motivations and abilities.

Regarding physical factors, I can say that a healthy body can certainly make more. Sometimes it is even possible to take energizing drinks to keep us spirited up, but not often!


Schools start

Senza nome
Scene of Cartoon (ANIME) GTO [Great Teacher Onizuka]
Schools begin like every year … and all (or almost) students would like to be still in full summer… that dream of an endless summer.

After more than a decade that I have finished high school I often have the nightmare of having returned to schools … a constant “dream” in which I believe I have been rejected or be back with my studies.

It is paradoxical but I have no nostalgia for school years … perhaps only for university years where perhaps I regret not having managed the time between study and fun in the best possible way.

I am convinced that this world does not allow us to long regret childhood times, which are only affected by predistination. Our youth is more sacred than any loss of fate. My thinking is very difficult to believe but it is also the best way to take behind – though only a part of it – the past.