Corona virus is spreading widely in Italy


Until a few days ago in Italy there were only three infected and all hoped to have stemmed the coronavirus epidemic. But yesterday 21 February there was the first news of an infected person in Lombardy, in the province of Lodi. In a few hours the news has increased and the confirmed cases of infected people has risen to 16. In one day the infected people went from 3 to 35, making Italy the country with the most infected people.

It is sad to note that after exactly one month that newspapers and TVs had given all the recommendations to avoid contagion, it was necessary to isolate entire countries.
In fact, although Italy has taken the most drastic measures, closing all air flights to and from China, there has been the worst “epidemic”.

I don’t know what the real causes of all this are, but surely the neglect of the seriousness of the problem is one of the main reasons. Even if you are a manager, you cannot dine with colleagues who have just returned from China.

20th february: World Day of Social Justic


World Justice Day is an international anniversary celebrated on 20th February of each year, since 2009, organized by the United Nations Organization to promote the theme of social justice worldwide.
This day is the prerequisite for peace and security between nations because, through respect for human rights and the fundamental freedoms of all, it is able to remove the barriers that people face in accessing social welfare due to gender , age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, disability, working conditions and justice.
The theme of the day for 2020 is “Bridging the inequality gap to achieve social justice“. But what are the main inequalities to be filled?
We are witnessing the dehumanization of economic policies aimed at enhancing only financial results but instead the evaluation of results should be encouraged in light of the positive impact for citizens.
There is still a large pay gap between men and women in the presence of a similar role, function and responsibility and insufficient measures to reconcile life and work times.
Political and entrepreneurial strategies are slow to implement the energy transitions necessary to ensure environmental justice and persevere in the exploitation of the natural resources of developing countries for the benefit and use of developed countries, but instead should tend to contain their economic and social gap .

The globalization of markets, the spread of technology, the expansion of the markets for goods and services, the expansion of investments and the internationalization of companies and business processes have not been enough to ensure fair employment and working conditions, equality and protection social development in developing countries, nor to set fair global labor standards.

The daily facebook

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

The system brings us to the mass, and when our desires are fulfilled we feel the need to satisfy them daily. I have never loved Facebook, but everyone would realize that in Europe there are now more people who do not have this social network than people who have it. Pawel kuczysnki’s designs are as always brilliant. And the meaning is undoubtedly that we often confuse real bread with other futile things, which deceive us daily. The system of society and the mass deceives us about our needs, making us mistake the priorities and choices .. This world must always be seen from above and trying to see what remains above us.


Incredible disqualification of Morgan-Bugo at the sanremo festival [2020]


Sanremo is over and although there is a winner, the spotlight is on elsewhere. In the penultimate episode of the Saremo festival, an episode never looked after in history happened. During the performance of the Morgan-Bugo duo there were quarrels that led Bugo to leave the stage during the singing, in front of millions of viewers.

No one really knows what happened between the two artists. The sure thing is that Morgan while singing the song (written by himself) has changed the words of the text insulting his friend (probably now ex) and duo companion. Bugo’s reaction was immediate and he left the stage.

Obviously all this implied the disqualification of the duo. And although it is not the first time that a disqualification takes place at the Sanremo festival, it is the first time that it occurs due to abandonment of the stage.

Morgan’s unusual offense would arise from the fact that the previous day, in the cover performances, Bugo made a bad performance. But it would also seem that Morgan, for some of his claims, has only tried the song once, changing the scores of the music, thus leaving Bugo in difficulty.

However, beyond this singular episode, the festival has met with great success and success.

However, although I read some news every time, I avoided seeing the festival … for various reasons.

The Sanremo Festival 2020


In these days the Sanremo festival is taking place, the historic Italian music competition of international importance. Although for many years I have seen the show this year I exempt myself from seeing it for many reasons. Among the main reasons there is certainly the scandal in the declarations (political) of Claudio Baglioni, the previous presenter, who took advantage of such an important stage to express an idea certainly in favor of immigration.

Obviously music is inclusion … instead politics is exclusion (by its nature and regardless of political color) so sharing these two things is out of reach for everyone … As if that were not enough last year many songs were excluded for reasons very delicate: such as that of pedophilia and songs were received that would have favored the record companies of some interested parties.

The Sanremo festival is certainly a much more elegant stage than the talent shows – which also have a lot of success in Italy, first of all xFactor – but in recent years it has lost a lot of decorum and above all of a musical level …

Despite everything, I only looked at a few clips and casually at the most interesting moment of the festival, that is when an international guest was present: Lewis Capaldi.

This year they called an infinite number of guests, in addition to the fact that the valleys and collaborators are many .. Nevertheless, Lewis Capaldi was the most relevant (musical) guest …

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