Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling (Peanuts)


How beautiful is friday? The day think about the weekend, the leisure, the rest! Definitely one of the best days of the week

Paradoxically, in some countries, such as Italy and other European countries, Friday can bring bad luck. Probably this belief was born because the Jesus died on Friday. Precisely, in Italy it is said that it is unfortunate to leave for a trip on Friday.

I remember when I was a boy and I went to school even on Saturday I felt Friday almost like a normal day. With work, on the other hand, most people feel Friday as a horizon to look at, a wait …

Yet another Impeachment for Trump

caricature of the president donald trump


Trump problems never end …
Is he against everyone or are they all against him?
Maybe both …

After the Russiagate investigation that put the president at risk for impeachment, there is the case of pressure on Ukrainian politicians that would have favored Trump in the elections. The president denied that he had only spoken to Zelens’kyj of Joe Biden.

Although Nancy Pelosiย (Democratic Party) is beating for her to have an impeachment, it is unlikely that this will happen because the mid-term elections have only guaranteedย victory to the parliament and not to the Senate, where an impeachment presentation would be rejected.

Trump is unpleasant to many. His economic power is very large, but other politicians (democrats) would have done some trick to get more votes.

Trump’s consent is falling … but where are all those voters who voted for him in 2016? Trump is one of the few presidents to have lowered unemployment to 4%: a historical record.

Men of the right are always acted on of their power…

The shadows of twin towers

I was only 15 when the tragedy of the collapse of the twin towers happened. An event that shook everyone. These were the years when the Internet was spreading, the years when PC technology evolved and mobile phones were just accessories to call. A few years after 2001, especially thanks to the advent of the Internet, many conspiracy theories will come out. A theme that America has accustomed us to, especially with the moon-landing.
Few ruins remain of the disaster, but many shadows …

INSTAGRAM: from today it is possible to report fake news (even if only in the USA, for now)


The problem of disinformation through social media is enormous but little is done to combat it, also because it is a headache of extreme complexity. Managing billions of contents and distinguishing the true from the false is something that goes beyond any automatism, which is why the giants of the web have been working for years to understand how to deal with the issue.

Small steps are always better than nothing: in these days Instagram (source Engadget) puts a new functionality for US users, with which it is possible to reporter false news. In the settings, those that are accessed by touching the three vertical dots, you can now report a content as “inappropriate” and then specified “false information”. What happens then? The source isn’t clear: we know that if the report proves to be founded, the post will not be removed but will lose a lot of visibility. The creator of the offending post will not be notified.

LIBRO GIUGNO2019: Victor LaValle – favola di new york


Oggi 6 giugno 2019 รจ uscito il libro di Victor La Valle, Favola di New York e sui social – prevalentemente su twitter – รจ spopolato l’hashtag del titolo del nuovo romanzo dello scrittore americano.

Victor La Valle รจ uno scrittore americano che ha vinto numerosissimi premi letterari.

Il libro รจ disponibile sulle diverse piattaforme di vendita dei libri ed ebook come amazon, ibs, etc…


Il piccolo Apollo, figlio della New York di oggi, cresce con la madre, giovane single di origini ugandesi. Il padre, che รจ sparito nel nulla, gli ha lasciato solo una scatola di libri e uno strano incubo ricorrente. Da grande, Apollo diventa un commerciante di libri antichi e si innamora della bibliotecaria Emma, insieme alla quale ha presto un figlio. Ma il nuovo arrivato incrina l’idillio della coppia: lui rivive l’abbandono del padre e, alle prese con i propri fantasmi, fatica a comprendere che in lei qualcosa รจ cambiato. Emma si comporta in modo strano, รจ sempre piรน distante e insofferente fino a quando, un giorno, compie un gesto indicibile. Quanto possono essere oscuri i segreti delle persone che piรน amiamo? Inizia cosรฌ l’avventura di Apollo alla ricerca della veritร  su quell’atto terribile: un viaggio che lo porterร  su un’isola misteriosa nel cuore della metropoli dove accadono cose al di lร  di ogni immaginazione e dove la vita quotidiana in una modernissima New York si sospende per lasciare spazio al mito e alla leggenda.