The Pacience of Pope Francis: slaps a faithful!

During the year-end mass (31 December 2019), Pope Francis’ patience was put to the test. While Bergoglio was walking through the crowd, an oriental lady tugged on the Pope’s hand, more than generally happens when a faithful wants to touch and greet the Pope.

The Pope reacted abruptly, as has never been seen, by slapping the hands of the faithful. However the day after Bergoglio apologized for losing patience in an episode that happened the previous day, not specifying in detail what happened.

An episode that certainly does not overshadow the image of the pope, on the contrary, it even more emphasizes the eccentric character of the pontiff, who has sparked millions of comments on the network and on social media.

The Pope’s journey to Africa – Two reflections on his pontificate

POPE in Africa (Madacascar) Photo ANSA


In these days the Pope is traveling to Africa.
The program includes visits to three countries: Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. In addition, the Pope will meet young people, authorities and clergy but also AIDS patients and survivors of epidemics. Only another pope had been in Africa: Pope John Paul II in May 1989.

Pope Francis’ journey will last 7 days: from 4 to 10 September!



The pontificate of Pope Francis lives all in all with conflicting opinions, although mainly favorable, probably due to his warmer charisma than his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI.

The problem of immigration, which is at the center of politics due to the serious problems of hospitality that Italy has to face every day, puts the pontificate of Pope Francis in serious difficulty, which since the beginning has always supported maximum acceptance without if and without but. A philosophy that many people certainly don’t like.

Beyond the issue of immigration, there is always the problem of pedophilia, which in spite of everything in recent years has spoken little about it, even if the subject is always alive among the people.
I must say that despite the many problems that exist in Italy, Pope Francis has been able to capture the sympathy of the people, confirming the greatness (and at the same time the humility) of his name more in words than in deeds.

The image of the Pope in Italy is completely different from the one he has abroad. It is obvious that in the Latin American countries the popularity of the Pope is out of the question and when there is a journey the Pope gathers millions of faithful.
In Anglo-Saxon countries instead. the Pope’s popularity is minor. Moreover, most of the scandals or investigations into pedophilia come from the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Although the Pope has brought considerable innovation and openness to the church, some reforms have been harshly criticized. For example, changing – albeit slightly – the prayer of the Our Father, was for many disconcerting.

Surely the opening to the Gay or some sex taboos has benefited the church, but probably not enough. The pontificate of Pope John Paul II seems very far away.

Surely the opening to the Gay or some sex taboos has benefited the church, but probably not enough. The pontificate of Pope John Paul II seems very far away. As a tradition, the church always places itself as a stronghold before social and world evolution, to take the distance from possible drifts.

The humanity of Pope Francis is certainly that of having often come into contact with people. Many will always remember the phone calls he made at the homes of the people, who answered almost incredulously.
Judging a pontificate is very difficult. Each era has its socio-political-economic context.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, there are the perennial problems of the thousands of property units owned by the Vatican, which are largely exempt from taxes, and the remaining Vatican has outstanding debts.


OGGI E’ SAN FRANCESCO D’ASSISI ed intanto il silenzio disarmante della Chiesa e di PAPA Francesco: …sul dominio dell’Europa dei banchieri sullo spread.

Papa Francesco
Oggi è San Francesco d’Assisi – Dio non voglia che si debba sconfiggere la povertà con il solo motto evangelico: “Non si vive di solo pane…”

Basta poco per far salire lo spread: basta che qualcuno dell’unione europea o della banca centrale parli e subito l’indice dello spread si impenna e/o anche l’indice della borsa è a ribasso.

E’ una catena che blocca l’Italia in qualsiasi manovra che porti un cambiamento… La Francia e gli altri paesi europei riescono a fare manovre sforando con il deficit e l’Italia invece è ancorata ai timori di ripercussioni economiche. E’ qualcosa di unico al mondo. E’ incredibile che una manovra che dovrebbe ridare dignità al paese e ai poveri (che ormai sono più di 6 milioni) non riesca a trovare il consenso di banchieri, investitori e ovviamente dei membri dell’unione europea.

Lo spread è diventato un termometro che viene visto per interesse, curiosità, propaganda, pubblicità…etc.

Ma la chiesa non fa nulla… anzi è in totale silenzio a differenza degli anni passati quando prendeva la voce per dare consigli anche di parte.

Oggi è San Francesco e si spera di non sconfiggere la fame con il solo motto evangelico “Non si vive di solo Pane”

Perché di Santi che riescono a vivere nella povertà se ne contano sul palmo della palmo!