#SingaporeGP: Ferrari wins!

Ferrari win in the Singapore GP

Today Ferrari won at the Singapore Grand Prix! We hope that the Mercedes domain is over! The Ferrari won with the talent ofΒ Leclerc and with a superiority of Car demonstrated since the qualifying tests.


Today among the most popular trends and hashtags (of twitter) is the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

It remains difficult for me to think that the formula1 is one of the most viewed sports at international level, despite the victory of the Maranello team.

The #singaporeGP trand is indeed present in some of European countries, the United States and even Japan! Twitter almost always gives an image of the world trends! Except instead of those Asian rapper trand …


It is a pity that the Ferrari has “woken up” only now that the world championship is almost closed. Although in fact the world championship is still open with mathematical numbers, The probability that the Ferrari will win is a miracle.

I very much hope that the Mercedes domination is over because in the last few years I have followed Formula 1 a little. I don’t know how the rest of the world public reacted to Hamilton’s domination, but surely without balance the sport is ugly and boring.

According to a survey two years ago, Ferrari was the most popular team: Ferrari 31.9%,
Mercedes 16.2%, McLaren 15.8%, Red Bull Racing 14.1%, Williams 5%. Probably even if the popularity of Mercedes has increased with the last two world championships won, the Ferrari always remains the most popular.


Charles Leclerc 21 years

With the latest victories, Charles Leclerc promises well in the future as a champion of Ferrari and Formula 1. The 21-year-old Monegasque has a whole future ahead of him. Undoubtedly, the Ferrari has made a good choice to take a young driver and support him with a world champion like Vettel.

The clear proof of the talent of the Monegasque pilot is the overtaking done against Gasly at the Silverstone Grand Prix on July 14, 2019.

Here is the link of the splendid overtaking:Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=868k7_0NFAc

But the merit is not only of Leclerc because this year the roles of Ferrari managers have been renewed.



The next grand prix will take place in Russia on September 29th!

Ferrari can only hope to win the constructors ‘championship because it is achievable and not an impossible mission like the drivers’ championship.




Disastro Ferrari in Bahrein: da pole in prima fila a solo 3Β° posto… ormai tradisce sempre le piΓΉ grandi aspettative!


A inizio Gran Premio del Bahrein le Ferrari erano in testa e promettevano una doppietta che avrebbe dato sicuramente un spinta propulsiva sia dal punto di vista psicologico che dal punto di vista fisico, con il punteggio che avrebbe cambiato il volto della classifica, sebbene il campionato sia solo al 2Β° GP.

E invece dopo che Vettel ha perso molte posizioni per un testa coda, il motore ha tradito il giovane Leclerc che si trovava in testa e anche con un discreto margine. Che dire? Sfortuna o inaffidabilitΓ  Ferrari?

Certo Γ¨ che vedere questa formula ogni volta con Hamilton vincitore non Γ¨ un gran cosa. Il campione inglese della Mercedes si Γ¨ andato a congratulare con il giovane pilota della Ferrari nel fine gara cercando di rincuorarlo. Leclerc doveva essere il vero vincitore del Gran Premio e invece Γ¨ solo il vincitore morale…