CORONAVIRUS: the future to come ..


Predicting the future is always a great gift to face the difficulties that could trace the path of life. And even if you did not have this clairvoyance, it would still be wise to hypothesize some scenarios to sketch at least a line of foresight.

The world will no longer be the same or at least it will not be for many generations forced, in memory of the Pandemic, to apply those good rules of hygiene or social distancing. But above all, the movements will no longer be the same as before. And flights by plane will be carried out only by business needs or at the limit by indispensable holidays. Not to mention the Cruises, which at the moment those who travel the world can be counted on the palm of a hand. This does not mean that all this will lead to benefits. Just think that ships are the most polluting means of transport that exists, 100 times higher in emissions than airliners. In fact, what is evident is that the seal will begin to breathe with the drastic drop in CO2 emissions and fine dust. The Himalayas are beginning to be seen from India, dolphins appear in the canals of Venice and many animals pour into the city streets, in the absence of the usual tramway. It is unexceptionable that nature has benefited most from this Pandemic, especially if taken into consideration the fact that in recent times the average temperatures had risen to an impressive level (2019 had the hottest October ever), in addition to the fact that 2019 was the year of Greta Tunmberg, the little girl who traveled the world to speak with the powerful of the earth about safeguarding the environment.

The fact remains of how nations will behave in the future once the pandemic is over. The issues are likely to be lower, however, due to the fact that the economic repercussions that will last for years (hopefully not decades) will in any case lead to a decrease in work (and therefore industrial) and social activities.
But our unconscious gestures of social distancing will remain evident. Although in fact, with the end of the virus, social relations will be able to resume, probably also with a certain thrill due to long isolation and long abstinence, our ways will still be influenced by greater freedom, but above all awareness, which will almost certainly be more evident in Latin countries, in which, unlike the Nordic and Anglo-Saxon ones, they have a social culture characterized by warmer gestures and more direct contact.
All the rest is difficult to predict, especially if you think that the geo-political balance will depend on how states will be able to cope with this emergency.


The Future of streaming:… PODCAST



Although the spread of podcasts is constantly growing, many still do not know what it is. The Podcast is a service that allows you to download multimedia files (audio or video) and therefore allows you to consult the material at any time, even offline. The Podcasts began to spread with the music of mp3s and had an exponential spread with the introduction of streaming services, which instead are usable only when connected online. One of the main advantages is that the podcast material can be downloaded on any platform or any device.

Many IT giants come Spotify, amazon, and others. they are investing heavily in podcasts, which have almost become a common service for the web world.

Spotify focuses on podcasts, is testing a new feature that offers users content chosen from an algorithm that is based on previous listenings. The function is called Your daily podcast and allows you to create a playlist, like the music ones, but with audio content.
Experimentation is not available in all countries. It has begun for now in the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
Here are some of the most popular podcasts:

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