May is Here















Today is May 1st, labor day in many countries around the world. Difficult to talk on this day when many workers risk their work due to the crisis for the Coronavirus. I will just hope that every state takes the right steps to deal with the epidemic.


Welcome December

Illustration of Schulz [Peanuts]

How many of you will spend Christmas away from your family? Many of you will spend it with your relatives. Very few instead away from home. The saying says: “At Christmas with your (parents) and at Easter with the people you want”.

When December starts the countdown for Christmas and New Year’s event starts automatically.

The days are short and the sky darkens early. The cold forces us to wear sweaters and coats, and when we walk around the shops, the windows are gorgeous.

I have always wanted to spend a Christmas away from home, and therefore far from everything that characterizes the Christmas holidays: money, gifts, consumerism, food etc …

Christmas is increasingly synonymous with consumerism but I don’t know if it is synonymous with happiness. I admire those people who volunteer on Christmas and later, delivering gifts on the streets or assisting Needy Children.

Cher sings magically to “Dancing with the stars”

Cher, the legendary singer and actress, at 73 she performed in a magical show in the final of the season 28 of “Dancing with the stars”. Cher commanded the stage and all eyes were on her. The entire stage was decked out in ’70s decor. She transported us back in time!

Cher wore a shining and dazzling dress from head to toe that resembled the 70s. It was great to see her at DWTS because she had been missing since 2013, since she was the judge on the broadcast.

Cher graced us with her presence during the β€˜DWTS’ finale. (ABC)
Cher is currently in the midst of the North American leg of her Here We Go Again tour. She’ll be making stops all along the United States and Canada. The tour will go well into 2020. The final performance of her tour is scheduled for May 6, 2020, in Sacramento, California.