7th May: How to see the last supermoon of 2020



The SuperLuna show returns, even if it will be the last time for 2020 in which we will be able to attend this particular “space” show. Thursday 7 May the sky will give us the last Super Moon of the year. It will be the fourth and last of 2020, after those of February, March and April. Our satellite, in fact, will reach the Full Moon phase that day near its perigee (i.e. the minimum distance from Earth, which will touch at 05.05 on 7 May, 359655 km from us, against an average distance of just over of 384,000 km), so it will be a little closer, brighter and a little bigger than usual.

This “overlap” between full moon and passage to the perigee is now popularly referred to as “super moon”. The term, in itself, has no scientific value: in astronomy we prefer to speak of the Full Moon at Perigeo, but undoubtedly the nickname “Superluna” has a charm of its own. After this last appointment in 2020, the Superluna will return on April 27, 2021. Regarding its “floral identity”, the full moon of May was tied by the Native Americans to the flowers of the fields, which are abundant at this time of the year..

Coronavirus: China and the east

Illustration ofPawel kuczynski

Finding the culprit for all this worldwide upheaval is trivial for many: the virus started from China. Although many have already blamed the Chinese on the crime, and above all for not having promptly informed the scientific community of the situation, but also probably for the fact that the reported numbers of the infected and the deaths is not the one declared. By dismissing the question of whether the virus accidentally escaped or not, giving rise to conspiracy theses, which will almost certainly be talked about once the health and social but not the economic emergency is over, China’s credibility on the diplomatic issue is not never been questioned. In fact, if we analyze the last decades from the post-war period to the present, China has never worried from the conflictual point of view and the United States and any other world power. Excluding the mere economic clashes with the USA, which China is facing with the payment of tariffs on Made in China products imposed by President Trump, world diplomacy appears all too neutral and thinking of accusing the Chinese is too superficial, especially if it is believed that China is the absolute engine of the manufacture and that without it many products would not exist. China’s alliances established during the Vietnam War, on the other hand, are far too marginal.

The consideration on China’s diplomacy is not to be overlooked because thinking that a nation, with a population of 1 billion and a half and with a territory with the greatest resources of raw materials, could one day face a world conflict puts much terror. Hence probably one of the plausible reasons that the virus could be only an alternative way (or perhaps the only alternative way) to face an indirect world war, of which the singularity is perhaps that of not having allies and enemies if not from the economic point of view and on the supply of sanitary material.
There could also be more noble purposes to the thesis of the accidental nature of the Pandemic, namely that of reducing pollution, of which China has seen the benefits of the lockdown first, with a net decrease in polluting emissions.

But there could also be numerous other theses, including that that the current virus is nothing more than a simple test of other possible future viruses, whose lethality may be much greater. And even if this conspiracy thesis is not true, the fact of imagining that a virus with even greater lethality can be propagated in a natural way is only beneficial in protecting oneself and preventing itself from the future to come.
The regime established in the eastern nation, in an almost genetic way since primordial times, does nothing but obscure the truth about the real responsibility for the spread of the virus, because no Chinese would dream of opposing his government, which until now – at least since post-war period to date – has always boasted unequaled consensus.
If you then reflect on the religious and philosophical culture of the people – almost purely Shenxianesima – what comes out is a unique profile worldwide, where dedication to work is the cornerstone of a system. Although often the dedication to work is such as to even detract from the health conditions, it is seen as a sacred dedication. In fact, the Chinese are famous for sleeping on their place of work and being often abandoned in the cartoons .. This suggests that any correlation to the double end of the spread of the virus will never be revealed by a people who would die of devotion for work and for his compatriots.


CoronaVirus Update: the whole truth


With the increase in the number of infections in Italy, worries increase. In fact, despite the fact that Italy has adopted the most restrictive measures in the world, blocking all flights to and from China, the infections seem not to stop ..

What is the truth? Many argue that in the rest of Europe there are fewer swabs while in Italy they do many more. Undoubtedly Italy is battered by the problems of immigration, which Europe has never wanted to solve, and this could seem one of the reasons ..

But unfounded no one knows the truth because there is no vaccine and above all not knowing the dynamics of the virus, which would seem to change genetically in some subjects, you live in the dark. Citizens are often divided between those who claim that the virus is an exaggeration and those who say it is a worldwide danger. Almost always the truth is always in the middle ..




Contagion occurs by air, but it has not been absolutely demonstrated that foods or microbes on ingested foods can infect the subject. Although mortality is lower than that of other coronaviruses (sars and mers), the infection is much higher …
The best precautions are: mask, coughing or sneezing with the elbow and washing hands often. Unfortunately, the masks are currently unavailable, and the few remaining ones are sold at an astronomical price, especially in countries with a high number of infections.

Another thing to do is avoid crowded places and keep informed on possible outbreak places that are the most at risk, so you can take precautionary measures if you know that you are in the red areas



The symptoms, or at least the initial symptoms, are those of a normal bacterial flu, i.e. colds and respiratory problems. Obviously after these symptoms they can also lead to complications. In the stage following that of the first symptoms there are complications of pneumonia, with the consequent problem of breathing which can also lead to hospitalization.



Mortality is around 1-3%, that is a little higher than a normal infulenza, but – and this is the important thing – considering hospitalization. There are cases, such as that of the patient1 in Italy, which seems to have infected a flood of people, which present serious clinical pictures, despite the young age and the optimal state of health, considering that the young Mattia is a manager who practices sports.

At the moment in Italy there are 6 victims, but they are all over the age of 60 and who had other pathologies that have degenerated the state of health.
In China, on the other hand, people of a relatively young age also died, such as the doctor from Wuhan (35 years old)



Some call on others to avoid psychosis. The truth is that it takes balance and to avoid contagion or at least decrease the percentage, it is necessary to apply some good and simple practices and nothing extraordinary.

In Italy, which is currently third in the world in the number of infections, TV and newspapers are broadcasting updates hour by hour, with special TG after hours, and often people get anxious, as has happened in many northern cities Italy, where supermarket shelves have emptied.

But it can also happen instead of having the opposite, and that is a boldness and lightness .. and often you see people who cough you in the face or even challenge fate by frequenting crowded places in the doubt of having contracted the virus. In Italy the airplanes at risk have been closed by the army and a transgression of the law can lead to three years in prison

The New year in the world


The New Year is celebrated all over the world, or rather all over the world that has the Gregorian calendar, that is mainly the Christian one. For example, in some eastern countries such as China, New Year is celebrated on 25th January. The Jews instead celebrate the New Year generally in September.
The Islamic New Year is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram and can correspond to any period of the Gregorian year, because the lunar year used in the Islamic calendar is approximately 11 days shorter than the calendar year of the Gregorian calendar, so that an Islamic date “moves” back, compared to the Gregorian calendar, by about a month every three years.

However, the New Year on the Gregorian calendar is celebrated with fireworks all over the world, although fireworks are a delicate theme every year, because there are always accidents. Due to the time zone, the New Year begins earlier in some countries. The first to celebrate will be the inhabitants of Kiritimati instead the last will be those of the American Samoe Islands.

Using cell phones since the 2000s, I can compare the difference with the present day. At one time during midnight the lines were clogged and it was difficult even to send a simple text message. Today, however, the telephone lines hold up well because everyone constantly uses the internet.

Today is a public holiday, and most countries celebrate the motherhood of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Despite this, one of the things that surprised me is that England is one of the few countries where the football matches takes place in New Year. Infact, The Brighton-Chelsea match was played today.

The foundations far from the sand


Have you ever been on a beach with crystal clear sea? I have had the opportunity to see many beaches, some with crystal clear waters, although I have never seen low seabeds.

Everyone knows that it is appropriate to build the foundation of own home or other buildings on the rock. Instead the sand is represented by the most unstable ground and therefore also by the ground of perdition.

Despite this, the sand has an unparalleled charm, but it can also represent a threat when the sea is stormy. Thus the beach oscillates between a paradisiacal and a stormy condition, like the sea was in the balance of nature.

The sea shines the color of the sky. When it is gray, the sea also darkens.

The sea is a divine reflection.


The Best CD-DVD emulator [virtual DRIVE] Software


When you download large files from the web, such as games or software or you cannot save them on DVD or hard disk and you have to install them on your PC, you need to mount them on a virtual device. To do this you must use one of these programs listed below.



Deamon tool [MAC + WINDOWS] [FREEMIUM]

DAEMON Tools Lite is an advanced application for Microsoft Windows which provides one of the best optical media emulation in the industry. You can mount *.mdx, *.mds/*.mdf, *.iso, *.b5t, *.b6t, *.bwt, *.ccd, *.cdi, *.cue, *.nrg, *.pdi, *.isz disc images to a virtual drive. Make .iso, *.mds/*.mdf and *.mdx images of CD/DVD/Blu-ray discs.




WinCDEmu is an open-source CD/DVD/BD emulator – a tool that allows you to mount optical disc images by simply clicking on them in Windows Explorer. If you have downloaded an ISO image and want to use it without burning it to a blank disc, WinCDEmu is the easiest way to do it.



Virtual CloneDrive [WINDOWS] [FREE]

Virtual CloneDrive works and behaves just like a physical CD/DVD drive, however it exists only virtually. Image files of various formats (.iso, .bin, etc) can be mounted onto a virtual drive from your hard-disk or from a network drive and used in the same manner as inserting them into a normal CD/DVD drive.

The best software to create Bootable USB


If you want to create bootable USB sticks at computer startup you may need one of the software listed below. In fact, it often happens to put the operating system on your pen and you have to extract the file archive. If you extract it normally with an archive software (winzip, 7zip, etc.) it can happen that it does not start when the PC starts up. Then you will need to extract it and install the boot files with one of the following software




It is absolutely the best software to create pens and bootable usb devices. Works with windows, linux and mac. I recommend it especially for windows and mac while for linux it’s better its dedicated netbootin software





It only works for linux. The advantage of this software is that it allows you to automatically download the most common versions of Linux distros.





It would be the possible alternative to RUFUS because USB universal only works on Windows. Although RUFUS is ideal you will never have the certainty that it starts as it should.



The big brother of the future…

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

What differs us from animals? Many would answer the instinct. The answer is not wrong, however it is not entirely correct. I would say that another thing that differs us from animals is modesty. If we did not have modesty our actions would not be conditioned by any shame or feeling. Although even animals have a little of modesty, especially dogs, the difference with us is really substantial. The lack of modesty is what is shaping up with the new technologies, especially 5G, which will make our lives increasingly hyperconnected. Where does our public life end and where does the private one begin? The big brother is the parody of the future. The big brother is the parody of the future. Our every look is under everyone’s eyes or at least it could be through spying means like drone and cameras.
You imagine what would happen if computer experts or hackers mounted cameras in people’s homes: there would be no more privacy.
A few days ago the Italian television program Report made a well-documented investigation into all cases of espionage in the world: staggering levels.

“Spying would perhaps be tolerable if it could be exercised by honest people”



George Michael – This Is How (We Want You To Get High)



Although Geroge Michael is no longer there…, a new song was released three days ago.


So you raise another glass looking for a different space,
I was leaning on the grass dreaming of a sunnier day,
oh it never came, how could it have baby
where the present meets the past itโ€™s hard to be more than weโ€™ve seen

Your daddy was a drinker he just kept drinking til the shit he was thinking sounded true,
Your mama was a thinker she just wasnโ€™t thinking on the day that she looked at him and said I do,

Cause I will always I will always I will always I will always try to get my shit together,
I guess we always guess we always knew, that it would be stormy weather

This is how we want you to get high the way that we showed you the way that we told you was decent
This is how we want you to get high, this is how we want you to get by

My daddy was a toker he just kept smoking til the jokes he could tell got very blue
My mama was a joker if she was a hippy then I guess she was tripping on a high love you

Cause I will always I will always I will always I will always try to get my shit together,
I guess we always guess we always knew, that it would be stormy weather

This is how we want you to get high the way that we showed you the way that we told you was decent
This is how we want you to get high, this is how we want you to get by on your sorry lives
Take another, take another

I never picked a fight in my life or raised a hand to my wife or saw my children as things to bully,
I never dropped a pill in a drink I know how low you can sink my heart my heart is better than that
I never picked a fight in my life or raised a hand to my wife or saw my children as things to bully,
I never dropped a pill in a drink I know how low you can sink my heart, my heart is better than that

Looking for a different space, dreaming of a sunnier day, oh it never came how could it have baby
where the present meets the past itโ€™s hard to be more than weโ€™ve seen, its hard to be more than weโ€™ve seen.

Our libraries: how to choose books

Small library typical of public places or parks.

How many books do we read? Quantity is probably important but not everything. Quality is often fundamental, and choosing your book to suit your tastes and attitudes is the best way to create a small library of culture.


We often read without understanding because they are full of thoughts in our heads or because we don’t read often. It also depends on the genre of books: the most difficult are the intricate stories full of characters (mystery and novels) but also treatises on Philosophy.

If your intent is to have fun and not be too focused on the logic of the book, take a leisure book, I am convinced that the quality of the reading is usually more important than the content.

The length of the book is relative. If the book is very exciting we would like the book to never end. Instead some people prefer to read more books but short ones.
A book that has captured us represents a piece of our soul to be kept both in the library of books and in the library of one’s mind.