How to make money on the internet

Internet Money


In 2019 there are many ways to make money on the internet.

But if one thinks he can easily make mistakes he is wrong. Making money is never easy.

Nowadays everyone uses the internet and the opportunities have increased, but the competition has increased.

There are many ways to open an internet business.

Among the best known are those

  • bloggers
  • youtube

These are the most popular ways and, probably for many, even the simplest way.


To become a youtuber it’s easy you have to open a channel on youtube and try to have more views possible. To start monetization you need to have 1000 followers and 4000 hours of views.
The revenue comes from Google advertising that you will have to activate through google adsense.


That of the blogger is perhaps one of the oldest and most well-known but probably less simple ways of making youtuber simple. You will have to try to make quality articles that attract readers’ interest.

Here too, the revenue comes from advertising, but you can choose which advertising to insert. Google Adsense remains the most profitable. But you can also enter wordADS if you are using wordpress. Joomla, drupal, magento.
The best known and perhaps the most practical is undoubtedly wordpress.


> WordPress

you have two ways to use wordpress. The first way is simpler and consists of using the platform that gives some functions and tools. The second is more complicated but it is also more fruitful for visits and consists in downloading wordpress and uploading it to a host (website), purchased separately. In this second way you can install plug-ins and themes that will be used to increase SEO (site visibility in search engines like Google …)



Many prefer instagram to earn. I think it’s a very difficult way, although instagram is a very powerful medium. On instagram you need to post sponsored posts from third parties: Shoutcart, FohrCard, Grapevine, indaHash.

other influncer

Instragram, like other social media, are very useful only for big established influencers for which I do not recommend any other social media, except facebook for those who want to publish viral videos ..



The professional method but also the most difficult. You must sell your professional service that you carry out easily. Among the most famous sites there is:  But there are lots of other sites that you can look for so google depending on your profession. The difficult thing in this business is to build a good reputation with reviews and feedback from previous work, so you can be easily contacted.


Perhaps the most classic but not trivial method is to sell their products online by displaying them on their own website. The fundamental things in this area are to create a good showcase (and therefore a good website) and advertise (at least at the beginning) your site to create an audience and a brand.


WEB MARKETING (products made with 3D printers)

The cost of 3D printers has dropped considerably and this has allowed many people to produce plastic objects with the most varied utilities. With 3D printers you can do everything: from prostheses to weapons … Obviously to create a marketing you always need a good website where to sell your stuff, even if amazon also allows retailers to insert their products ..



The new Italian government formed after the crisis

The President Mattarella and The Premier Conte


After the government crisis in which Italian Prime Minister Conte resigned, a new government was formed. The M5S, that in the elections of March 4 2019 was the most voted party (35%) but did not reach an absolute majority in order to govern alone, made an alliance with the Democratic party.

For many it was a political betrayal because until a few days before the M5S ruled with the right (Lega). Also for years the M5S and the PD have been insulted, especially after the Bibbiano scandals, which revealed the Democratic Party politicians in criminal cases concerning children.

The truth is that both the M5S and the PD wanted to avoid the elections because the polls gave both parties a sharp decline in favor of the Lega that have double the consensus: from 18% to 36%.

It is difficult to think that this government can last for all legislation because the parties that have joined together have very few things in common. Among the political issues of confrontation, there will almost certainly be immigration, which has been gripping the whole country for decades.

Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, was one of the few in fact to fight against illegal immigration that happens with the boats that land in the ports of the Italian coasts. This policy has led Salvini to have more enemies than friends in Italy and in Europe, where strangely a solidarity policy applies. Italy is objectively the country most penalized in illegal immigration and every year it suffers tens of thousands of landings of irregular migrants.

Despite the fact that Germany is the most hospitable to migrants, Italy is the country that hosts the most irregular immigrants.
In Germany there are precise rules and crossing German borders without documents there are very severe penalties.

Giuseppe Conte was again chosen for the new government, despite the disagreement of some members of the Left (Democratic Party). In fact, Giuseppe Conte held a diplomatic relationship with the rest of Europe during the first year of government (with the League), earning the respect of the EU and also of US President Donald Trump, who recently has expressed sympathy for him in a tweet, wishing him to lead the country.

The Italian markets and exchanges reacted quite well, except for a few days when it was thought that the agreement between the PD and M5S was not successful. Particularly when in a day of consultations among the various parties, Luigi Di Maio, leader of the M5S, raised the tone dictating the conditions of the agreement and making to fear a lacked agreement.

Regarding the government agreement, all members of the five-star movement through the Rousseau platform also expressed their opinion. Voting was definitely in favor of the agreement with 79%. The vote was however criticized by the right-wing parties, including the Lega, because they believe it is unfair that 70000 members of the M5S can decide for millions of Italians.

Although the agreement made with the PD remained the M5S as a traitor to the values ​​of coherence and position, uniting both with the right and then with the left in the same legislature reinforces that it was a workhorse of the movement: not to be right and left but go only against the system. Many dislike the agreement because the movement was born as a party for the protest vote against the corruption of caste and politics.

Early voting was very difficult to do because a government’s 1-year duration is very short, and indeed even the President of the Republic wanted the agreement between the left and the M5S, provided, however, that the parties presented political guidelines to be implemented together.

LOGO le piazze della musica, manifestazione estiva 2019 con 5 band che si esibiranno in 8 Giovedì dell’estate

Per l’estate 2019 Vasto mette in programma una serie di eventi musicali con band locali che riempiranno le piazza.

L’evento si chiamerà LE PIAZZE DELLA MUSICA e si terrà in ogni giovedì della settimana.

Parteciperanno 5 band: Piccola Underground Orchestra, Lino Molino Group, Just Friend, Just quartet, Blue Spirit.

Le piazze dove si terranno gli spettacoli: sono PIAZZA BARBACANI, PIAZZA CAPRIOLI, PIAZZA SAN PIETRO, PIAZZA PUDENTE dalle dalle ore 21:30 in poi.

20 Giugno

27 Giugno

4 Luglio

11 Luglio

18 Luglio

25 Luglio

29 Agosto

5 Settembre

14 Giugno : giornata mondiale del donatore di sangue: eventi e info dell’edizione 2019!

Dal 2004 il 14 giugno viene festeggiata la Giornata mondiale del donatore di sangue proclamata dalla Organizzazione mondiale della sanità.

Il 14 giugno è stato scelto in quanto giorno di nascita del biologo austriaco Karl Landsteiner, scopritore dei gruppi sanguigni, nel 1900, e coscopritore del fattore Rhesus.

In alcune città ci saranno dei Gazebo nelle piazze per poter prelevare il sangue dei volontari.

Ad esempio a Verona: I donatori di Avis, Fidas Verona e Asfa saranno in piazza Bra e davanti ai due ospedali cittadini per sensibilizzare i veronesi alla donazione di sangue.

Dalle 10 alle 14 i donatori saranno presenti con un gazebo in piazza Bra e distribuiranno materiali informativi ai passanti, testimoniando in prima persona la bellezza del dono.

A Trento il gazebo allestito dalla sezione trentina, sarà all’angolo tra Via Oriola e Via Oss Mazzurana. “ Sangue sicuro per tutti”, : è lo slogan scelto dall’OMS per la Giornata Mondiale del Donatore di sangue ed emoderivati del 2019.

A Milano presso i presidi ospedalieri Sacco, San Carlo, San Paolo, Melegnano e centri di raccolta Avis di Limbiate e di Milano (Via Bassini) è indetta una raccolta straordinaria di sangue. Inoltre è prevista una prova di regolarità per macchine e auto d’epoca. La manifestazione si concluderà nel pomeriggio e nella tarda serata presso il presso il Parco Spina Azzurra di Buccinasco con attrazioni per bambini e un soft happy hour con concerto dal vivo per giovani e no.

A Trento il gazebo allestito dalla sezione trentina, sarà all’angolo tra Via Oriola e Via Oss Mazzurana. “ Sangue sicuro per tutti”, : è lo slogan scelto dall’OMS per la Giornata Mondiale del Donatore di sangue ed emoderivati del 2019.

Quest’anno il topic scelto per la celebrazione della giornata mondiale del donatore – Safe blood for all – è dedicato proprio al tema della sicurezza, dove si registrano standard piuttosto variabili in giro per il mondo, con una dozzina almeno di paesi (tra quelli che hanno riportato i dati all’Oms) che non riescono a garantire gli screening necessari sui prodotti donati per le infezioni da epatiti, hiv e sifilide, per problemi diversi, dalla mancata affidabilità dei test alla scarsità dei test stessi. La prevalenza delle infezioni trasmissibili, come attendibile, è maggiore nei paesi a basso e medio reddito. L’edizione di quest’anno è ospitata dal Ruanda sebbene comunque si terranno manifestazioni ed eventi in tutta Europa e in tutto il mondo.

Tutte le città del mondo ospiteranno dunque grandi manifestazioni, ma a Johannesburg in Sud Africa, sarà realizzata la più imponente: ragazzi, e adulti si uniranno a pop star, medici ed esperti della salute internazionali e pazienti (la cui vita è stata salvata grazie a trasfusioni) per un evento musicale in onore dei “non celebrati eroi” di tutto il mondo che hanno incluso tra le proprie responsabilità la donazione di sangue senza alcun compenso.

L’anno prossimo il topic dell’edizione 2020 sarà World Blood Donor Day e la manifestazione sarà ospitata proprio in Italia. L’Organizzazione mondiale della sanità ha comunicato che la candidatura, avanzata lo scorso dicembre dal Ministero della Salute, Centro Nazionale Sangue e Associazioni e Federazioni di donatori è risultata vincitrice: l’Italia succederà al Ruanda al quale è stata affidata l’organizzazione dell’evento 2019.

In Italia la giornata mondiale del donatore assume un ruolo speciale infatti il nostro paese nella Comunità europea è fra i Paesi che raccolgono meno sangue insieme a Slovacchia, Portogallo, Lettonia Polonia Lituania con 34,32 unità/abitanti. In testa alla classifica Monaco con 77,46, Danimarca con 66,55 e Austria con 62,8.

per maggiori info:


Lopolda9: A Firenze 19-20-21 Ottobre


Penso proprio che per Renzi il treno sia passato da secoli per presentare la manovra economica.

L’ex premier presenterà la sua manovra in alernativa a quella del governo attuale. Un evento al quale parteciperanno granparte dei sostenitori del PD e altre persone interessate all’evento. Il tutto si svolgerà da Venerdi 19 a Domenica 21 Ottobre alla vecchia Stazione Leopolda di Firenze

in piazzale della Porta al Prato