📸 PHOTOS of Lucito (CB) [Molise] – Italy


Lucito is an Italian town of 655 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso, in Molise.

The name of the town, Lucito, could derive from the Latin term lucus, which means “sacred wood”, or from the Latin name Lucius. According to others, it derives instead from “elceto” (or “saliceto”), vulgarly become “liceto” (or “saluceto”), and therefore “Luceto”.

The foundation of Lucito is traced back to the Lombard period. The town was a fiefdom of Gionata di Balbano in 1188, then passed to the Caracciolos and later to the Di Sangro. From the Di Sangro it passed to the Piscicelli, who due to debts were forced to auction off their fiefs. The fiefdom of Lucito was purchased in 1670 by the Neapolitan nobleman Francesco Capecelatro, former lord of Nevano, who thus became the Marquis of Lucito.

Church of San Nicola di Bari
It was built in the 14th century on the remains of a Benedictine monastery dedicated to Santa Maria al Plasinium. With the earthquake of 1456 it suffered damage and the church was re-consecrated in Renaissance style in 1566.

In 1805 a new great earthquake shook Molise and the church was completely restored in 1897.

The merit of the neoclassical church is the frescoed chapel on the right with arches. The church is distributed in three naves. The bell tower belongs to the Renaissance and is decorated with an onion spire.



Capecelatro Palace
It was originally the medieval castle. The Capecelatro family bought the castle in 1655, transforming the structure into a baronial residence. The rectangular building has two lower floors and a noble one, with the ancient coats of arms attached to the exterior. The ramparts and the two access portals are preserved.



📸 PHOTOS of Limosano (CB) [Molise] – Italy

Limosano is the main town in Molise used as the set of the 2013 film with Checco Zalone. In the story Checco takes his son Nicolò on vacation to his aunt in Limosano because he doesn’t have enough money for a luxurious trip. But staying with the stingy aunt turns out to be torture. In the film you can see the town from the provincial road, and its very distinct historic center with the church of Santa Maria Maggiore at the top, and on the right the facade of San Francesco, while Checco and his son climb the stairs to visit their uncle .

The release of the film sparked some controversy in Molise for the stereotypical way in which they were seen by Zalone in the story, such as the total absence of children in the country.


The oldest nucleus stands on the central part of the tufaceous hill of the historic center, while the more recent late Renaissance one developed at the foot of the Ducal Palace. Limosano has medieval origins, built around a castle founded by the Lombards, when it was part of the Gastaldato di Bojano, which later became the County of Molise in the 13th century.




Parish Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
The church dates back to the 11th century, restored in the 15th century after an earthquake, and again heavily modified in the 18th century. The underground crypt remains original; the façade is very simple, characterized by a portal surmounted by a rectangular window. The portal has an architrave with Latin writing and the date of restoration of the church, in 1755; the plan of the building is rectangular with a single nave, laterally composed of a series of chapels bordered by round arches. The span near the entrance is formed by a gallery that preserves the wooden organ.
The presbytery which is located in an elevated position with respect to the area of ​​the faithful, preserves an altar in worked marble; on the right side there are access doors to the bell tower and the sacristy. On the opposite side there is a room that leads to an orthogonal chapel, characterized by Renaissance frescoes; this chapel is dedicated to the Rosary, seat of the homonymous Confraternity.

The bell tower of the church is on the right, with a rectangular turreted plan. One of its walls has an ogival semi-arch attesting to its medieval origin, remodeled in the eighteenth century. There are engraved allegorical symbols of the Sun and the Lamb. Below the level of the church there are rooms: one has a barrel roof and is positioned under the terrace in front of the facade; another is placed under the church, preserving the lockable floor, where some bishops are buried with the original medieval tombstones.

📷 PHOTOS of Sant’Angelo Limosano

In my opinion one of the most beautiful towns in Molise. According to some sources, it is the birthplace of the only Molise pope: CelestinoV. The photos may not make you understand the beauty of this village but the church of Maria Assunta, located in the highest and most panoramic place, can shiver. It makes you feel like you are on top of the clouds, having a landscape from above.


The village developed as a fief of the old diocese of Limosano in the 11th century. It belonged until 1477 to the Molise center of Montagano (seat of the Badia di Faifoli), and then passed to Gerardo di Appiano.

Between the 17th and 18th centuries it was owned by the Carafa and Antellis families.


They are fortifications used as access walls, for the path to the parish church. They unfold in three levels, decorated with arches.

Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo
The church was founded in the thirteenth century as a chapel dedicated to Pietro da Morrone, it was in fact known as San Pietro Celestino. Replaced in Baroque form in 1695, the church has kept a beautiful medieval wooden tabernacle. Outside there is still a part of medieval masonry with a Latin inscription.

Being the town located at 894 meters above sea level, it can boast many panoramic points, from which to see much of the Molise area because the fortress on which the town is located is the highest point in the whole surrounding area.


📷 PHOTOS of Fossalto (CB) [MOLISE] – Italy

For those who live in this region will certainly know this country for its famous ice cream shop. In fact, it is well known that the Gelateria di Fossalto makes the best ice cream in the region.

Fossalto is an Italian town of 1 251 inhabitants in the province of Campobasso, in Molise, which was the birthplace of the poet Eugenio Cirese and Giuseppe Folchi, a futurist intellectual.
It is located north-west of the capital.
Built as a medieval village, the town was divided into two nuclei: Fossaceca and Castelluccio, dependent on Limosano. The center was fortified by towers and walls, dismantled in the 18th century, when the fiefdom belonged to the Di Capua and Mascione families.


Church of San Antonio of Padua
Baroque church built with a single nave, with a longitudinal plan. Inside there is a painting of the Saint, dated 1660. The church has a bell tower from 1866 next to it.





📷 PHOTOS of Casalbordino (CH) – Abruzzo – ITALY

Casalbordino is an Italian municipality of 5972 inhabitants in the province of Chieti in Abruzzo, and is the seat of the union of the municipalities of the Miracles.

The name goes back to a leader of that period, Roberto Bordinus, who captained the garrison in defense of the monastery.

Casal, that is, a farmhouse, a small territory of dwellings that guarded the monastery, developed from an ancient tower, later became the fortified center, a fief of the D’Avalos.




The mother church of San Salvatore, the main church in the city center, whose first plant dates back to the 14th century. It has neoclassical features, although the interior retains the late Baroque appearance.



The sanctuary of the Madonna dei Miracoli, an important Theatine sanctuary, located north-east of Casalbordino in the suburbs, a destination for pilgrimages, since the period of the Marian apparition to the farmer Alessandro Muzii in the year 1576, when there was a terrible storm that destroyed the collected, except that of the villager, who prayed to Our Lady. The sanctuary was built over the first chapel in 1824, however being damaged by the Second World War, when the Benedictine monastery had already been built, it was redone again in the 1950s, finished in 1962, having a neo-Renaissance style. The historical sanctuary was immortalized by Gabriele D’Annunzio in the novel The Triumph of Death, which summarizes the events of the Marian apparition of 1576, and then describes the pilgrimage of wayfarers and wretches, in asking for thanks to the Madonna, under the gaze of the protagonists of the story Giorgio Aurispa and Ippolita Sanzio.





The Lido (beach) di Casalbordino, equipped and popular seaside resort with a large sandy beach, is 7.5 km from the municipal capital and extends along the suggestive Costa dei Trabocchi, a very short distance from the spectacular rocky coast of the Marine Natural Reserve of Punta d’Erce ( or Punta Aderci), called in the area “the little Normandy”.


Corona virus is spreading widely in Italy


Until a few days ago in Italy there were only three infected and all hoped to have stemmed the coronavirus epidemic. But yesterday 21 February there was the first news of an infected person in Lombardy, in the province of Lodi. In a few hours the news has increased and the confirmed cases of infected people has risen to 16. In one day the infected people went from 3 to 35, making Italy the country with the most infected people.

It is sad to note that after exactly one month that newspapers and TVs had given all the recommendations to avoid contagion, it was necessary to isolate entire countries.
In fact, although Italy has taken the most drastic measures, closing all air flights to and from China, there has been the worst “epidemic”.

I don’t know what the real causes of all this are, but surely the neglect of the seriousness of the problem is one of the main reasons. Even if you are a manager, you cannot dine with colleagues who have just returned from China.

LP – Shaken



All night, sippin’ on a feelin’
Won’t lie, was nervous for this evenin’
Then you arrive

Oh god, why you gotta look so
So hot? Remembering your body on mine
I wanna cry

I, I knew that you’d be here tonight
But suddenly I’m paralyzed
Who’s she by your side?

She looks at you like I used to
And I’m just sitting in the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken
I thought only I would get that smile
Now I’m just watching from the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken

Oh no, feelin’ that vertigo
Slow row, feelin’ that swell of desire
Am I on fire?
Flashbacks rolling like a movie
Whiplash, she’s holding you instead of me
Is that your type?

I knew, I knew that you’d be here tonight
But I don’t know how it got so late
Just trying not to catch your eye
(See my face)

She looks at you like I used to
And I’m just sitting in the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken
I thought only I would get that smile
Now I’m just watching from the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken

And it feels like I’m watchin’
Somebody else live my life
Yeah, it feels like I’m watchin’
Somebody else live my life

It’s just a kiss but they’re not my lips
So I’m just sitting in the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken
You’re leaving now but you turn around
And I try to hold a smile
But I’m just breakin’, b-b-breakin’

She looks at you like I used to
And I’m just sitting in the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken
I thought only I would get that smile
Now I’m just watching from the corner
Sh-sh-shaken, sh-sh-shaken

And it feels like I’m watchin’
Somebody else live my life

70° FESTIVAL OF SANREMO 2020: AMADEUS will be the presenter!

Amadeus (58 years) will present the festival of sanremo 2020

The next sanremo festival will be presented by AMADEUS which will replace CLAUDIO BAGLIONE. In truth, the 2019 edition was characterized by many controversies against the Italian presenter and historian singer Baglioni, for having taken political positions on the reception of migrants, who land on the Italian coast every day; Furthermore, Baglioni did not involve some singers who had presented songs with very deep themes such as pedophilia. The next festival (70°) will take place between 4 and 8 February 2020.

Amadeus won the competition with Cattalan which was one of the possible choices as a presenter at the musical Fesitval.

Instead, the names of the people who will collaborate with AMEDUS in the show are not yet known.

🎵 FABIO ROVAZZI – Senza Pensieri



Oggi 1° Agosto è uscito il nuovo singolo di Fabio Rovazzi che vede la collaborazione con Loredana Bertè e J-AX



Nella testa ho un buco nero
Spendo soldi per sentirmi più leggero
Nuovo show spettacolare
Su un’isola di plastica in mezzo al mare
Faccio mille foto mai vestito uguale
In 15 secondi ci si può annoiare
Non mi ricordo più che cosa devo fare
Ci sto prendendo gusto col dimenticare
Senza problemi
Senza pensieri
L’insalatina per restare leggeri
Senza problemi
Senza pensieri
La posto oggi ma è una foto di ieri
Travolti dallo stress
Delirio universale
Basta solo non pensare
Il mondo finirà
Non ti devi preoccupare
Pronti con la prova costume
Per il riscaldamento globale
Senza pensieri nessuno vuole problemi
Solo fake new e clickbaiting, baby
Laureata con 110, brava
Ma mandami foto dei piedi e sorrido
Sotto sedativo
Acquisto compulsivo
Roba che non serve ma voglio per primo
Per fare il figo dovrò chiedere un fido
Mi sa che tocca fare un altro pezzo estivo
Senza problemi
Senza pensieri
Come i vecchietti a esaminare i cantieri
Senza problemi
Senza pensieri
Abbiamo terra piatta e cieli sereni
Travolti dallo stress
Delirio universale
Basta solo non pensare
Il mondo finirà
Non ti devi preoccupare
Pronti con la prova costume
Per il riscaldamento globale
Non pensare
Non pensare
Non pensare lascia stare
Ti fa male
Ti fa male
Ti fa male
Dico sì, ma non so più chi sono
La gente mi parla ma capisco solo
Compositori: Loredana Berté / Alessandro Aleotti / Fabio Rovazzi
Testo di Senza Pensieri © Downtown Music Publishing