Italian Government: Prime Minister Conte resigns


During the meeting held in the Senate Giuseppe Conte harshly criticized Matteo Salvini in his speech and announced his resignation after his speech.

Matteo Salvini, deputy premier and interior minister, responded during his speech that he has no regrets about everything he did in the 14 months of the yellow-green government.

During the last few months, however, something has broken and the agreement with the Lega (Salvini) andΒ  M5S (Luigi Di Maio) has not worked anymore.

However, each party accuses the other of treason the irrefutable truth is that of Matteo Salvini and the league wanted to create the crisis to go to the elections because the polls give it to almost 40% when instead at the beginning of the legislature it arrived with difficulty at 20%.

The construction of the TAV (high speed train) that could connect Italy (Piedmont) with France (Lyon) has been repeatedly rejected by the five-star movement. The Lega used this disagreement as a pretext to break the coalition.

During these months of government many concrete things have been done such as the 100 share for the pension, the income of citizenship and the security decree that in addition to favoring the legitimate defense puts many restrictions on the landing of migrants, a very real topic, to which the Italy probably never gave the right weight, although it was always penalized geographically.

The fight against illegal immigration is a workhorse of the Lega, and on which it has gained many of the current consents.

We still don’t know how the future will evolve but the certainty is that in the autumn there will be elections. The M5S could ally with the PD and this could imply a fundamental role on the new political lines.


Matteo Salvini: archiviato il caso sul mancato salvataggio della nave Diciotti

La Procura di Catania ha archiviato l’indagine del mancato soccorso della nave Diciotti.

Oggi, 1Β° Novembre Γ¨ arrivata a Matteo Salvini una busta della procura nella quale viene enunciato che non Γ¨ piΓΉ indagato per il caso del mancato salvataggio della nave Diciotti.

In particolare Salvini era stato accusato dalla procura di Catania del reato di sequestro di persona .

Un sospiro di sollievo per il ministro dell’interno Salvini che quest’estate aveva piΓΉ volte esplicato il suo astio verso la magistratura affermando che lo aveva preso di mira…

Ora il Vice Premier Leghista tirerΓ  dritto su tutta la politica dei migranti con annessi sbarchi, come lui stesso ha dichiarato sul suo profilo twitter, dicendo di andare avanti tutta dopo l’archiviazione di una vicenda assurda.