3th august: #MondayMotivation













Today is Monday, August 3, the beginning of the week of fullsummer. The heat is torrid and the will to start again is missing, especially considering all the limitations caused by covid19. In this heat, wearing a mask is a real torture. Although in internal places it is not and can do without because it is compulsory, it makes the face sweat, as well as not allowing you to breathe well. There are many who also claim that the mask hurts because it produces carbon dioxide in the respiratory tract. Certainly for those who practice physical activity it is impossible to wear.

Leaving on Monday is always difficult. We can never find the right balance between the regularity of the set times with the freedom of the weekend. For this reason it is often a must to create a medium-term goal, a detachment, a holiday with which to disconnect from the world and create a horizon from the daily life of the schedule of commitments.

The Secret of Life: keep looking up…

secretlifeSometimes looking up is the only way to get away from the horizon that often grips the mind because it is the eternal destination of our paths .. Looking at the sky is often dreamy but also reflective, because looking purely at clouds and sky has a way of being distracted but you focus on your soul. The horizon is fundamental but sometimes looking up is beautifully divine.

Many schools have already closed due to the coronavirus


The period of May is perhaps one of the most beautiful, or even most decisive, months. When I was a student, the month of May was the decisive month for fixing school questions, classwork and insufficiencies. Those who had arranged everything could already enjoy the luxury of going on vacation in late May or at the very beginning of June, thus anticipating the summer holidays.

This year, due to the coronavirus, the Italian schools are already closed, and those who will have to face the exams will have to do it with all possible precautions and with the marks of the first quarter. Even in most European states, schools have remained closed, because it is one of the places where the virus is transmitted, especially because children are totally asymptomatic. The Italian government has already set some guidelines to face the new school year, which will begin in September. According to the current situation, all students will be obliged to wear a mask.
But further restrictions may apply if epidemiological evidence worsens in the coming days and months. Italy has almost reopened everything, but in many cities nightlife and night parties are resumed, which are currently prohibited. Hopefully the exponential contagion will not resume.

TV deludes us to keep us company


Often watching TV is almost inevitable, because it is the only means of distraction during lunch or dinner, and above all it is a company for those who live only at home. In recent years, some channels have introduced the so-called TV marathons (siticom or talkshow) which I assume are a purely American invention. But how well does TV really do us? I believe that TV does well when it distracts us in the right measure from our daily thoughts.

The internet is also a distraction. But it is different. For those who are thirsty for knowledge, the web is a form of addiction because one can always find something that enriches one’s knowledge. For those who are thirsty for trash, TV is the greatest danger, because nowadays almost all transmissions are transformed into trash.

You have to check the calendar (or your agenda) a few times a week



Always looking at your agenda makes you mad … You always have to find the right balance. Never, as at this moment, is this Peanuts maxim true. In fact, in the time of the Coronavirus people had to reinvent their day, often out of the ordinary. Always looking at the calendar automates too much our creativity or inventiveness in doing things, often making us mechanical and devoid of any interest in details about things …

May is Here















Today is May 1st, labor day in many countries around the world. Difficult to talk on this day when many workers risk their work due to the crisis for the Coronavirus. I will just hope that every state takes the right steps to deal with the epidemic.


Goodbye April


This could often have been very long for many people, forced not only to suffer the bad weather of the season but also to stay home because of the coronavirus. Finally May begins, which I consider the true month of spring and perhaps a few times even in early summer. But in this month in many countries there is also the (partial) end of the lockdown and some activities can be resumed, such as that of simply walking through the streets of the city, respecting the safety distances.

20th March: Spring has arrived

Today spring officially arrives. Yes, because spring does not always arrive on March 20 but sometimes also on the 21st. It is a strange spring, where the whole world is stopped with the only prospect of getting out of the emergency of the coronavirus. This current condition will likely last for other months, so holidays will probably also skip. It is therefore difficult to speak of Spring. In any case, I remember that the spring equinox brings the daytime hours longer than the nighttime hours.
Here in Italy this year there is a crazy heat .. and the climate changes are now impressive. In a few days maybe it will also be the summer heat. The only consolation of this coronavirus is that pollution is decreasing.

1st March:

We hope that this month is better than February and January which have brought many problems, mainly Coronavirus, which in Italy has now infected more than a thousand people, paralyzing the country and leading to great economic losses. March is called crazy. March 8 will be women’s day and March 19 Father’s day. The Formula 1 championship will begin on Sunday 15th and the spring equinox on the 20th. In addition, the 29th of March will change to summer time.

29th February: leap year day


The famous popular proverb says: bisetile anno fatesta year .. will it be so? Regardless of beliefs and superstitions, 2020 began with one of the most perilous epidemics of recent decades. In addition, fires in Australia destroyed several hectares of land in early December.
How will a person born on February 29th celebrate his birthday? I imagine you celebrate it the day before (February 28), as it happens for name days. Today, moreover, it is also the world day of rare diseases .. as if this theme was linked to the rarity of this day.

February is also generally one of the coldest months of the year together with January. In March, although it is called crazy, it is almost always a warmer month. But this year, February was also a very hot month for many nations due to strange weather conditions.