The foundations far from the sand


Have you ever been on a beach with crystal clear sea? I have had the opportunity to see many beaches, some with crystal clear waters, although I have never seen low seabeds.

Everyone knows that it is appropriate to build the foundation of own home or other buildings on the rock. Instead the sand is represented by the most unstable ground and therefore also by the ground of perdition.

Despite this, the sand has an unparalleled charm, but it can also represent a threat when the sea is stormy. Thus the beach oscillates between a paradisiacal and a stormy condition, like the sea was in the balance of nature.

The sea shines the color of the sky. When it is gray, the sea also darkens.

The sea is a divine reflection.


Venice devastated by high water


In the night between 12 and 13 November Venice was devastated by a storm that brought the sea level rise by 187cm! Although high water is almost a customary in Venice, this time the size of the event due to its intensity and consistency has not occurred since 1966, when the water rose by 194cm, a historical record for the city.

There were two victims, including one for electrocution due to a short circuit.

For years, Venice has been building a system called MOSE to block the rise of the sea. This system has cost the state 5 billion euros, with enormous delays in the completion of the works, especially for numerous investigations of bribes that led to the arrest of many people, including the former president of the Veneto region(Giancarlo Galan).

In the coming decades, Venice risks disappearing because climate change will lead to an increase in the sea. Furthermore, the land on which Venice rests is increasingly lowered.

It is incredible how this very serious theme has not led the Venetians to take measures without falling into corruption. Many think that the Mafia exists only in the south, but in recent years all the political scandals have come from the administrations of northern regions.

In the last few months Salvini of the Lega, is enjoying success, despite very debatable issues. He argued that the construction of the TAV (high speed train) was necessary but in reality it is the pretext to steal more money.