The Best Video Player (software) for PC

The Best Videoplayer for PC

01 VLC [win+linux+mac]


It is by far the best video player for windows. For windows it is almost a necessity to have it installed. In addition to recognizing noisy files and having advanced video controls, it allows you to record video clips with just two clicks: by clicking on rec at the beginning and end of the instant you wish.



mpc-hc player

It is the best alternative to VLC. It is very light, has many functions and recognizes many video formats. It is included in the codec installation package. It is obviously present only for windows.


04 SMS PLAYER [win+linux+mac]


It is the best alternative to VLC after MPC. It can also be installed on MAC and LINUX. I don’t really like graphics, but it has many features and controls for the video.


03 MPV [win+linux+mac]


It supports a large number of video formats. It does not require installation and is very light even due to a defect: it does not have a real graphic interface but a small bar is displayed when the mouse cursor moves.




After decades .. it still remains a good video player integrated into the windows

BEST MusicPlayer Software for PC [2019]

Best Music Player for PC (2019)




Probably the best music player. It recognizes many audio formats, has many functions, is light and has a discrete graphics.
It is the ideal software for creating playlists.
You can play, burn, copy CDs, listen podcasts, convert audio formats, and much more…




The best alternative to muscbee. The graphics are less sharp and wide for the playlists which is therefore smaller for playslists.




Many consider it a good music player but I don’t like the graphics. It also gave me errors after installation




Itunes as well as being a portal and a store to buy and download the original music is also a player. With the apple software you can also download songs from the CD or watch movies from the DVD. It has the flaw of being a bit heavy software.




This is one of the most comfortable and lightweight players. It also Allows you to watch movies, setting subtitles and language. Install it with codecs, which are essential for viewing some video formats. It must not be confused with windows media player classic that was present in the old versions of windows and that has been replaced by windows media player




Still remains a valid player; you find it already included in winodws. You can also watch movies and copy tracks from your audio CDs (ripping)




Is the best music player for LINUX

Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling (Peanuts)


How beautiful is friday? The day think about the weekend, the leisure, the rest! Definitely one of the best days of the week

Paradoxically, in some countries, such as Italy and other European countries, Friday can bring bad luck. Probably this belief was born because the Jesus died on Friday. Precisely, in Italy it is said that it is unfortunate to leave for a trip on Friday.

I remember when I was a boy and I went to school even on Saturday I felt Friday almost like a normal day. With work, on the other hand, most people feel Friday as a horizon to look at, a wait …

The Best useful App for Smartphone (andoird)

The Best useful App Andoroid

01 Whatsapp


It is the best known and most used app in the world. Indispensable for messaging


02 Telegram


It is the best alternative to whatsapp. It is less used but it is still the first alternative


03 Shazam


Did you just hear this a song you like and don’t know the title? This app helps you: by recording a few seconds of the song you can find the title in an instant


04 MapsME

For navigation and GPS the most used app is google maps which is already present in almost all andorid devices. But the best alternative (and maybe even a substitute) is MapsME because you can download maps on your phone and use them even when you’re offline.



The most used browser is google chrome. But if you are looking for an alternative because you cannot visualize the pages well this is the best alternative




Google documents is the best working tool to write documents: texts, presentations, databases, etc.




The best alternative to Google Documents, it’s light and practical unlike Microsoft Office which takes up a lot of memory space




It is the best app to view PDF documents. Few other apps can compete …




I think it is the best social network for the phone: uploading images lets you know all over the world where you are in a few moments




In the era of messaging where images are sent instead of text with written or even written in JPG format, this app is indispensable. Create square images where you can write the text you like and in the font you prefer with the background you want (with image or without)




How much memory is full or when useless files slow down the smartphone a cleaner is needed: this is the best. A valid alternative would be cclenaer but I found that it often crashes




Without a doubt the best antivirus for the phone that controls everything in real time.
The only downside (as with all antivirus programs) is that it slows down the smartphone.




If you have multiple accounts (or even phone numbers) and want to use them in one phone this App is essential: it makes the phone dual sim and creates 2account for each social ..

The “pretty” and ‘impertinent’ little girl: Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg activist for sustainable development

Can a little girl influence the fate of the planet in the decline of climate change?

Probably yes, but hopefully it can influne it in a positive way and also significantly.

The activist girl who has become famous all over the world for demonstrating and talking to the most powerful politicians on earth would hope for a change of plans on reducing greenhouse gas emissions …
But there are many shadows surrounding the Swedish girl.

In fact, the girl is the daughter of two famous singers and is affected by the asparger syndrome. Many people claim that there are interests from multinationals and political interests behind his activism. In addition, many people have expressed perplexity about the Greta Thunberg syndrome.

At the last climate summit held in new york, Trump made a joke against greta and she responded with a look that had quickly become viral …

Yet another Impeachment for Trump

caricature of the president donald trump


Trump problems never end …
Is he against everyone or are they all against him?
Maybe both …

After the Russiagate investigation that put the president at risk for impeachment, there is the case of pressure on Ukrainian politicians that would have favored Trump in the elections. The president denied that he had only spoken to Zelens’kyj of Joe Biden.

Although Nancy Pelosiย (Democratic Party) is beating for her to have an impeachment, it is unlikely that this will happen because the mid-term elections have only guaranteedย victory to the parliament and not to the Senate, where an impeachment presentation would be rejected.

Trump is unpleasant to many. His economic power is very large, but other politicians (democrats) would have done some trick to get more votes.

Trump’s consent is falling … but where are all those voters who voted for him in 2016? Trump is one of the few presidents to have lowered unemployment to 4%: a historical record.

Men of the right are always acted on of their power…

Our confessional is the gear of our image

Illustration of Pawel Kuczynski

Our image never coincides with our soul but it certainly influences it.

To think that social media is just a pastime is pure utopia.ย  In fact there are many people who use facebook (or even other social networks) to let off steam.

With this you can define a confessional facebook. people can even let off steam with images … and maybe it’s also a natural and human side but sometimes it does as if they were going to a religious confessional …

#SingaporeGP: Ferrari wins!

Ferrari win in the Singapore GP

Today Ferrari won at the Singapore Grand Prix! We hope that the Mercedes domain is over! The Ferrari won with the talent ofย Leclerc and with a superiority of Car demonstrated since the qualifying tests.


Today among the most popular trends and hashtags (of twitter) is the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

It remains difficult for me to think that the formula1 is one of the most viewed sports at international level, despite the victory of the Maranello team.

The #singaporeGP trand is indeed present in some of European countries, the United States and even Japan! Twitter almost always gives an image of the world trends! Except instead of those Asian rapper trand …


It is a pity that the Ferrari has “woken up” only now that the world championship is almost closed. Although in fact the world championship is still open with mathematical numbers, The probability that the Ferrari will win is a miracle.

I very much hope that the Mercedes domination is over because in the last few years I have followed Formula 1 a little. I don’t know how the rest of the world public reacted to Hamilton’s domination, but surely without balance the sport is ugly and boring.

According to a survey two years ago, Ferrari was the most popular team: Ferrari 31.9%,
Mercedes 16.2%, McLaren 15.8%, Red Bull Racing 14.1%, Williams 5%. Probably even if the popularity of Mercedes has increased with the last two world championships won, the Ferrari always remains the most popular.


Charles Leclerc 21 years

With the latest victories, Charles Leclerc promises well in the future as a champion of Ferrari and Formula 1. The 21-year-old Monegasque has a whole future ahead of him. Undoubtedly, the Ferrari has made a good choice to take a young driver and support him with a world champion like Vettel.

The clear proof of the talent of the Monegasque pilot is the overtaking done against Gasly at the Silverstone Grand Prix on July 14, 2019.

Here is the link of the splendid overtaking:ย

But the merit is not only of Leclerc because this year the roles of Ferrari managers have been renewed.



The next grand prix will take place in Russia on September 29th!

Ferrari can only hope to win the constructors ‘championship because it is achievable and not an impossible mission like the drivers’ championship.



Sunday Thoughts


IMG of


The day of rest

Summer is behind us now.

Today is the last day of summer and tomorrow officially enters the autumn with the equinox.

Lying on the sofa or in the armchair, walking around the city, the mind seeks relief from the thought of starting the week again.

The day we would like had no time and stopped in the afternoon when we are in front of the TV. Think back to Saturday, the day that has the most perspective, thanks especially to Sunday.

I try to live thinking it’s always Saturday or Sunday. The day of rest is often sad, thinking that each time the week begins with the working deadlines. Then I change the agenda: the dates remain the same but I change the days … no more Monday, Tuesday …


๐Ÿฆ‡ 21st September: BATMAN DAY [80 years]

BATMAN DAY 2019 [BAT SIGNAL in many cities of WORLD]
Saturday 21 September is the Batman Day 2019, that is the world day dedicated to the 80 years of the famous Gotham hero created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939. For the occasion, in addition to marathons and meetings in tribute to Bruce Wayne, in many cities of the world will be lit the famous Bat-Signal.
In addition to Rome, the Bat-Signal will also appear in Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, โ€‹โ€‹London, New York and other cities around the world, and can be followed live thanks to the DC Comics website, which has made available fans a real Bat-Tracker