Whatsapp: support for multi-device use is coming soon


The multi-device on WhatsApp will allow you to use the same account on multiple devices, be they smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets. And, along with support for multi-device, compatibility with iPad should also come. At the moment, however, WhatsApp is far behind the competition, which has supported the multi-device for some time: an account can only be configured on the smartphone, and the latter must be active in order to use the service on other devices as well. Thanks to the novelty, however, WhatsApp will be usable everywhere even if the smartphone is turned off, as is the case on other similar services.

Coronavirus: Tim Cook offers smart working to Apple employees


Tim Cook today offered employees in most offices around the world the opportunity to work from home and announced new policies in light of the coronavirus epidemic currently spreading in Italy, the US and other countries.

Specifically, Apple has explicitly told employees of many offices in different countries around the world to “feel free to work remotely, if your job allows it.” The timescales declared by Tim Cook are from today, March 9, until March 13, according to an internal note obtained by Bloomberg and later confirmed by a company spokesman. The corporate policy of last Friday, which started from California and Seattle, is therefore extended, and now it arrives in almost all company offices, including in Italy.

WhatsApp reaches 2 billion active users. An absolute record


WhatsApp continues to grind record numbers and to say it is the platform itself that announces the record of 2 billion active users. Incredible numbers that clearly make the app among the most used in the world and in terms of messaging certainly the most used. The numbers probably highlight the improvement work that the developers are carrying out in the code by introducing week after week novelties capable of making the application more user friendly. An attention that clearly pleases users who decide to reward the app by using it more than others both in general and in this field.


Dark mode coming soon

After repeated experimental versions, the new Dark Theme publicly arrived on WhatsApp a few weeks ago. In this case the users who can use it daily are only those with the Beta version by installing an APK. How does it work? Basically, users can activate the new mode directly from the settings of the application itself in the “Theme” section. Here three distinct options will appear: Light, Dark and Energy Saving, which will guarantee energy savings by proposing a color with gray tones rather than completely black.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X: the first 64-core desktop CPU

It is the first processor for desktop systems with 64 cores inside and represents the fastest currently available on the market. However, it requires applications that are able to take advantage of the high number of cores present to give the best. It is therefore not for everyone, starting from the price: 3,999 dollars!


The Ryzen Threadripper family of processors debuted on the market with the first versions in the summer of 2017, representing a radical novelty compared to what AMD previously offered. For the first time, in fact, the American company has been able to offer a product intended specifically for the field of HEDT systems, High-End Desktop, putting itself in direct contrast with the range of Intel solutions of the Core-X series.


In the comparison between the two families of Intel and AMD HEDT CPUs, some differences immediately became clear: AMD aimed to offer a higher number of cores, clearly evident with the transition to the number of 32 in the debut of the second generation Ryzen Threadripper CPUs , while Intel has benefited from higher clock rates and superior single-core efficiency. The particular architecture of the first two generations of Ryzen Threadripper processor, borrowed directly from the EPYC proposals for datacenters, also represented a limit with those applications highly dependent on the latency of access to system memory.


However, everything has changed with the debut of the third generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors, based on Zen 2 architecture and built with 7 nanometer production technology, which took place last November. AMD presented two models, equipped with 24 and 32 core architecture respectively, anticipating the debut of a third version capable of offering 64 internal cores.

5G is coming…


Being able to download a movie in HD in just a few seconds is what will allow 5G, the new communication technology for mobile phones and internet networks. It is now a hyperconnected world: refrigerators will talk with intercoms, we will talk with the washing machine etc .. But will it be good? Some people argue that the 5G frequencies are bad, but for now no one is alarmed, in fact, they are all excited about the new technology. But I believe that a great deal of enthusiasm is due to personal and community interests.

The progress of time almost always implies technological progress but the latter does not lead to social progress. Much of the technology is misused. It is an infinite resource but could end up being harmful to many. It is a world that makes us believe we are in contact with everyone, but in reality it isolates us to the extent that we believe that our image or our activities on the web make us real.

I remember when I used my 56K internet and with my PC it took a few seconds to download the e-mails of a few lines … Speed ​​does not matter if the content we use does not make us better ..

The Best Video Player (software) for PC

The Best Videoplayer for PC

01 VLC [win+linux+mac]


It is by far the best video player for windows. For windows it is almost a necessity to have it installed. In addition to recognizing noisy files and having advanced video controls, it allows you to record video clips with just two clicks: by clicking on rec at the beginning and end of the instant you wish.




mpc-hc player

It is the best alternative to VLC. It is very light, has many functions and recognizes many video formats. It is included in the codec installation package. It is obviously present only for windows.



04 SMS PLAYER [win+linux+mac]


It is the best alternative to VLC after MPC. It can also be installed on MAC and LINUX. I don’t really like graphics, but it has many features and controls for the video.



03 MPV [win+linux+mac]


It supports a large number of video formats. It does not require installation and is very light even due to a defect: it does not have a real graphic interface but a small bar is displayed when the mouse cursor moves.





After decades .. it still remains a good video player integrated into the windows

Fast charging, improved autonomy: the next Samsung smartphones will use graphene batteries

According to the blogger Evan Blass, Samsung would be ready to launch graphene batteries. Blass writes that the Korean giant is close to completing the technology of new batteries. Samsung could use them in new smartphones by 2020, at most in 2021. According to Techradar, it could be the Galaxy Note 11 or the Galaxy S12, or a new model of the A line.

The new batteries could be recharged in just over half an hour and at the same time could guarantee a higher capacity, for a much longer duration than the current situation. At the same time, production costs would be lower. In short, in just over two years, Samsung would be able to overcome the problems that plague users and producers. Even more evident in this last period, given that in the face of increasingly powerful devices they still cannot guarantee the necessary duration.

WhatsApp: unlocking with fingerprints on Android coming



WhatsApp will introduce fingerprint authentication to block access to content to unauthorized persons.

The WhatsApp Beta Info site has found how the beta version 2.19.221 supports the new feature but it is necessary to reinstall the application if it is not shown. If it is visible, you will have to wait before you can use it.

To activate this feature you will need to go to: settings -> account -> privacy. Among the options that will be available in WhatsApp there will be the choice to block the app immediately, after 1 minute or 30 minutes. Furthermore it will be possible to choose whether or not to show information in notifications.

It is not clear when fingerprint unlocking will arrive officially and for everyone on Android. The latest information in this regard dates back to January 2019, but now we are very near to the release date of the whatsapp version for all users. The only condition is to have a fingerprint reader on the smartphone.

New Graphic Interface of Twitter Desktop


Twitter is distributing a new desktop client design that adds new customization options and an optimized browsing experience. The new interface has been made available to testers in recent months, however in the coming days it will be extended to all users. Compared to other changes in design there is a difference: the transition to the new one will be mandatory, and it will no longer be possible to select the old one.

The biggest and easiest to notice difference is in the upper navigation bar, which has been moved to the left column: here we find the links for the main screen of the service, for notifications, for the Explore section, for private messages, for favorites and more. The company wrote that the Explore tab was picked up by the mobile app to present the user with more live video and personalized local trends.

Private messages have also been revised, with conversations and sent messages that are merged in the same window. The desktop experience now introduces several themes and color settings, including two new options for dark mode.


NOMOFOBIA (“no-mobile-phone”-fobia)


Lo smartphone è diventato il nostro oggetto inseparabile, forse anche più del portafogli, considerando che ormai alcune cose al supermercato si pagano persino con il cellulare.

Ed ecco che tra i nuovi neologismi c’è la parola nomofobia che sarebbe l’acronimo inglese di no-mobile-phone-fobia, cioè la paura di non avere più la connessione con internet o il telefono scarico.

Una fobia che ci isola del tutto dai contatti reali e umani che man mano si stanno sempre più perdendo… rimando dipendenti persino nel comunicare nelle situazioni sentimentali.

Addirittura la nomofobia ci costringe a tenere il cellulare acceso anche di notte, con ripercussioni anche sulla nostra salute fisica oltre che mentale. I dati più significativi si registrano nello stato mentale nel quale si perdono la concetrazione e l’attenzione mentre svolgiamo mansioni di qualsiasi tipo.

La dipendenza dallo smartphone è seconda sola a quella dell’hashish.

Lo studio ha rilevato che quasi il 53 % degli utenti di telefono cellulare in Gran Bretagna tendono a mostrare uno stato ansioso quando “perdono il loro cellulare, esauriscono la batteria o il credito residuo o non hanno copertura di rete”. Lo studio ha rilevato che circa il 58 per cento degli uomini e il 48 per cento delle donne soffrono di questa fobia, e che un altro 9 per cento è stressato quando il cellulare è fuori uso.
Lo studio ha esaminato 2.163 persone: il 55 per cento degli esaminati citavano il bisogno di tenersi in contatto con amici e familiari come causa principale dello stato ansioso che li assale quando non possono usare il cellulare. Esso ha inoltre rilevato che i livelli di stress indotto mediamente dalla nomofobia sono paragonabili a quelli indotti dalla “tremarella del giorno delle nozze” o a quelli di quando si va dal dentista. Il dieci per cento degli intervistati ha detto di avere necessità di essere rintracciabile in ogni momento per motivi di lavoro.