WhatsApp reaches 2 billion active users. An absolute record


WhatsApp continues to grind record numbers and to say it is the platform itself that announces the record of 2 billion active users. Incredible numbers that clearly make the app among the most used in the world and in terms of messaging certainly the most used. The numbers probably highlight the improvement work that the developers are carrying out in the code by introducing week after week novelties capable of making the application more user friendly. An attention that clearly pleases users who decide to reward the app by using it more than others both in general and in this field.


Dark mode coming soon

After repeated experimental versions, the new Dark Theme publicly arrived on WhatsApp a few weeks ago. In this case the users who can use it daily are only those with the Beta version by installing an APK. How does it work? Basically, users can activate the new mode directly from the settings of the application itself in the “Theme” section. Here three distinct options will appear: Light, Dark and Energy Saving, which will guarantee energy savings by proposing a color with gray tones rather than completely black.

The Best useful App for Smartphone (andoird)

The Best useful App Andoroid

01 Whatsapp


It is the best known and most used app in the world. Indispensable for messaging


02 Telegram


It is the best alternative to whatsapp. It is less used but it is still the first alternative


03 Shazam


Did you just hear this a song you like and don’t know the title? This app helps you: by recording a few seconds of the song you can find the title in an instant


04 MapsME

For navigation and GPS the most used app is google maps which is already present in almost all andorid devices. But the best alternative (and maybe even a substitute) is MapsME because you can download maps on your phone and use them even when you’re offline.



The most used browser is google chrome. But if you are looking for an alternative because you cannot visualize the pages well this is the best alternative




Google documents is the best working tool to write documents: texts, presentations, databases, etc.




The best alternative to Google Documents, it’s light and practical unlike Microsoft Office which takes up a lot of memory space




It is the best app to view PDF documents. Few other apps can compete …




I think it is the best social network for the phone: uploading images lets you know all over the world where you are in a few moments




In the era of messaging where images are sent instead of text with written or even written in JPG format, this app is indispensable. Create square images where you can write the text you like and in the font you prefer with the background you want (with image or without)




How much memory is full or when useless files slow down the smartphone a cleaner is needed: this is the best. A valid alternative would be cclenaer but I found that it often crashes




Without a doubt the best antivirus for the phone that controls everything in real time.
The only downside (as with all antivirus programs) is that it slows down the smartphone.




If you have multiple accounts (or even phone numbers) and want to use them in one phone this App is essential: it makes the phone dual sim and creates 2account for each social ..

WhatsApp: unlocking with fingerprints on Android coming



WhatsApp will introduce fingerprint authentication to block access to content to unauthorized persons.

The WhatsApp Beta Info site has found how the beta version 2.19.221 supports the new feature but it is necessary to reinstall the application if it is not shown. If it is visible, you will have to wait before you can use it.

To activate this feature you will need to go to: settings -> account -> privacy. Among the options that will be available in WhatsApp there will be the choice to block the app immediately, after 1 minute or 30 minutes. Furthermore it will be possible to choose whether or not to show information in notifications.

It is not clear when fingerprint unlocking will arrive officially and for everyone on Android. The latest information in this regard dates back to January 2019, but now we are very near to the release date of the whatsapp version for all users. The only condition is to have a fingerprint reader on the smartphone.

Whatsapp will be fordidden for minors under 16 in Europe


In Europe WhatsApp will be banned for minors under 16, as can be read in the terms of use and as evidenced by WA Beta Info.

In the European Union (including Italy) and probably in other countries of the continent, you must be at least 16 years old or be explicitly authorized by a parent or legal guardian to use the service. Instead, in the rest of the world, the age is 13 years. It is not yet clear how Facebook, a company that owns WhatsApp, will ensure that this part of the law.

In addition to sharing data between the various social networks of the Zuckerberg network (ie Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram) there could be explicit requests for authorization to use which, once accepted, if not respected will be considered payable by the users and no longer payable by the society. This would allow Facebook to remove the legal problems that could derive from it by giving to users or parents the complete responsibility. 

The union of FB instgagram and whatsapp is starting!


In recent months, zuck had announced its intention to merge Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp. The three social (even if Whatsapp is not a true social network) of his property would offer various services in a single APP.

One of the changes that will take place in the next period is the addition of the words “from Facebook” next to the names of WhatsApp and Instagram.

However we do not know the details of how the three apps will be merged, and also what impact it will have on users and the global web.

For example, it has recently been announced that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) in the US is investigating to see if acquisitions such as those of Instagram and WhatsApp (but not only) have been made to eliminate potential future competitors. This would have made the market less competitive at the expense of users and other companies.

So perhaps the union of the three social networks would make a possible evolution of investigations on the acquisition of instagram and whatsapp more secure.

WHATSAPP PC(Desktop): you will no longer need to connect it to your smartphone!


Many users use the PC’s whatsapp client that needs to be connected to their smartphone.

According to some rumors that are circulating it would be working to overcome this constraint, probably also to allow those who have old smartphones no longer supported to take full advantage of the potentials of whatsapp even on PC.

To reveal the novelty was the prolific (and reliable) WABetaInfo channel, which often analyzes the beta versions of WhatsApp and reports the upcoming features but not yet officialized. The source has indicated the arrival of WhatsApp on PC in standalone version only as indiscretion, so we suggest to take the novelty with the pincers waiting for an official confirmation. Specifically WhatsApp could arrive in UWP version and, as explained in a tweet, “it will work even if the smartphone is turned off”.

Novità Whatsapp: pubblicità, QR code del profilo e modalità scura.


La novità probabilmente più significativa è quella dell’introduzione futura della pubblicità negli intermezzi di visualizzazione delle storie pubblicate. Sarà molto simile alle inserzioni pubblicitarie già presenti su instagram.



Altra novità degna di nota è quella dell’introduzione della modalità scura che renderà la schermata di whatsapp nera. Ovviamente ci saranno altre opzioni: Night, Night Blue, Day Classic e Day.



Sarà inoltre possibile creare il proprio QR CODE associato al proprio profilo, molto utile se si vuole inserire il code in bigliettini o altre pagine da visita e tramite lo scan reindirizzare sul proprio num di tel.



Questa novità è molto simile a una funzione presente già in Telegram, cioè quella di ordinare i contatti in base all’uso più frequente.


inviare immagini ad alta risoluzione


Smartphone ANDROID

E’ possibile inviare l’immagine selezionando il simbolo della graffetta in basso nella schermata di WhatsApp e scegliere a la voce “Documento”. Questo al posto di quella “Immagini” che potrebbe inviare lo scatto o il contenuto comprimendolo. Infine si dovrà si dovrà scegliere su “Sfoglia altri documenti” quindi “Immagini” e poi “Fotocamera”.


Smartphone iOS

Per quanto riguarda gli iPhone e quindi iOS è necessario adoperare un altro metodo che non cambia il risultato. Per poter inviare un contenuto senza compressione si deve procedere aprendo l’immagine da condividere direttamente nell’applicazione Foto di iOS e selezionare in basso il quadrato con la freccia tipico per aprire il menu di condivisione dei contenuti in iOS. A questo punto si dovrà cliccare su “Salva su File” e scegliere la cartella di destinazione. A questo punto sarà possibile creare un file PDF condivisibile su WhatsApp tramite il solito tasto “+” dopo aver selezionato “Documento” e “Recenti”.