Why the Criticisms — Amitav Chowdhury

People abhor criticisms and people who have been thoughtfully criticizing (they are never addressed as critics, but unwanted judgemental people), pointing to a course correction for humanity; be it in educating more than the institutionalized lectures, to understand human feelings more compassionately, to communicate with people without partisan views, who can enhance your knowledge and […] […]

Soren Kierkegaard — Astro Orientamenti

Chi non sceglie vuol dire che soggiace alle scelte degli altri Soren Kierkegaard nacque il 5 maggio 1813 a Copenaghen – Danimarca. Morì a Copenaghen l’11 novembre 1855. Soren Kierkegaard fu un filosofo, teologo e scrittore danese, il cui pensiero e da alcuni studiosi considerato punto di avvio dell’esistenzialismo via Soren Kierkegaard — Astro Orientamenti

Readers’ wildlife photos — Why Evolution Is True

Evolutionary ecologist Bruce Lyon is back, and during the pandemic he’s managed to get some great hummingbird photos, along with a good dollop of natural history for your edification. The IDs and captions are his. Here in Santa Cruz County, California, we were under pretty strict shelter-in-place requirements a couple of weeks ago. All beaches […] […]